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Heart Chakra Healing Course - Non-Intensive

  • 21Days
  • 159Steps


Greetings beloved being of light. Firstly, I'd like to thank you for even being interested in healing yourself. Not many people get to this stage. Most people are either not interested in healing, or they want others to do all the healing work for them. Every time a person takes steps to heal themselves, the world becomes a lighter and more loving place. This particular course will guide you to completely unblock your heart chakra and make it as strong and bright as possible. The heart chakra is the energy centre responsible for love and joy. Signs that your heart chakra needs healing: 1) You carry guilt 2) There are not many people in your life that you love 3) You do not experience much joy in life 4) You have physical issues relating to your heart, lungs, shoulders, arms or upper back 5) You give too much to other people that you often find yourself energetically drained 6) You feel uncomfortable when someone compliments you or does something nice for you 7) You have unresolved grief 8) Many people in your life seem to treat you unlovingly If one or more of these symptoms is true for you, then I recommend you take this course which will guide you to heal yourself from all these issues. As this is an non-intensive course, it is recommended for those who do have a full-time job and/or a lot of childcare duties, and can only dedicate a small portion of their day towards healing themselves during this course.

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