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Mon, 12 Aug



4-Day 'Fall In Love With Yourself' Retreat

Allow us the opportunity to help you love yourself in the same way we love you!

4-Day 'Fall In Love With Yourself' Retreat
4-Day 'Fall In Love With Yourself' Retreat

Time & Location

12 Aug 2024, 17:00 – 15 Aug 2024, 09:30

Shrewsbury, Shrewsbury, UK


About the event


Welcome to our 'Fall In Love With Yourself' Retreat!  

Loving yourself is the key to one's happiness & health, because you'll find that if you can truly love yourself, you can feel love at all times, not just when life is going well or when others show you love. And here's a little secret - when you are full of love within yourself, you cannot be unhappy or sick.  True love is what your soul has been longing for your whole life, but we have been taught that this love can only come from outside of ourselves, perhaps from a partner or one's family. And so we end up living our lives trying to please others in the hopes that we receive love from them, and we completely ignore what WE truly want to do with our lives. And by now you know that it is extremely rare for others to show you love in the ways you want, and so you end up constantly feeling unloved. Even if others do show you love, when you are not around others, you feel unloved. Truth is always permanent and can never change, so TRUE love cannot come from others as you wouldn't feel this love when you are alone. TRUE love must therefore come from within yourself.  

But isn't loving yourself a selfish or arrogant thing to do?! Well, that's what society would have you believe. But in reality, this is not true at all. Loving yourself doesn't mean putting yourself on a pedestal above others, and doing what's best for you at the expense of loving others. This is a common misconception. When you are so full of love within yourself, you will be so abundant in love that the love you give to others will be unconditional, with no expectations of receiving anything in return because you won't need anything. And loving yourself always benefits everyone in the long-term. At this retreat, you will learn what loving yourself means, why you are worthy of love, and how to love yourself. Take your first act of self-love by booking onto our retreat.  

It is no accident that you have been drawn to looking at this retreat listing. Your soul has decided that it has had enough of suffering, and it has decided that it is time to return home to love. This retreat is your chance!  


You are so unconditionally loved! Yes YOU! Life loves you! We love you! Why? Simply because you exist! Your existence means that there is another being that life gets to love, and out of gratitude for your existence, we ask for the opportunity to show you our unconditional love for you at this retreat. However, our ultimate aim is to help you see your own perfection so that you can unconditionally love yourself.  

We are Fran and Agape, and we have been on our own journeys to self-love. We were both very much like anyone else; people-pleasing, allowing others to take advantage of us, holding guilt for our past actions, feeling unloved by others & generally unworthy of love, comparing ourselves, judging ourselves & feeling down about ourselves, feeling like an inconvenience to others, hating our bodies etc. However, we both eventually became determined to embark on a journey of healing ourselves, which ultimately led to us finally being able to say & feel that we unconditionally love ourselves. And we can tell you that this unconditional self-love is what we are ALL looking for. 

In 2023, we created a popular podcast together called 'A Journey To Loving Yourself', but we realised that we could have a much greater impact in helping others to love themselves by hosting a self-love retreat.  The workshops, activities & meditations at the retreat will cover the following topics:  

*In order to love yourself, you need to know who 'YOU' are first 

*Why should you love yourself? 

*Do you deserve love? 

*How to love yourself 

*Life loves you 

*Appreciating your uniqueness 

*Healing inner child wounds 

*Forgiving yourself & letting go of guilt 

*Loving your mind, body & soul 

*Stop comparing yourself 

*You are perfect 

*Putting boundaries in place 

*You are not an inconvenience

*and many more.


No matter what your personality is like, or what you have done in your life, or what you look like, you can experience self-love. You are perfectly imperfect, even if you don't yet think so, and we simply ask for the opportunity to help you discover this.  

What Makes Our Retreat So Special?  

At this retreat, you will be welcomed in a non-judgemental, unconditionally loving environment that will make it easy for you to realise that who you really are is so loved!  

The combination of the activities, workshops & meditations we will do at this retreat will not only help you feel love for yourself at the retreat, but they will give you the tools to continue feeling love for yourself after the retreat when you return to your normal life.  

Our retreats are designed to suit people of all ages, belief systems, and experience levels. No matter who you are, you will greatly benefit from our retreats, and you would be a fantastic addition to the group.  

We do not just say goodbye to you forever once you leave the retreat. We invite you into our community which is made up of our practitioners, retreat helpers and previous guests of our retreats.  This community organises regular follow-up retreats and group holidays.  If you are seeking a new group of like-minded and outgoing friends who you can connect more deeply with and have fun with, then look no further. Romances and beautiful friendships have blossomed out of this community.  You can also book online healing and guidance sessions after the retreat to ensure that you have the ongoing support you need when you go back out into the world.  

Finally, we work tirelessly to ensure that the retreats we provide are extremely great value for money. This is because our main focus is to help as many people as possible rather than profit.


All retreat activities, workshops & meditations are designed to help you on your journey to loving yourself. Included in the program is a cacao ceremony, as well as a loving head massage. There will be three delicious meals per full day, as well as regular slots of free time. Exact timetable will be given to guests a month before the retreat.


The cottage where the retreat will be held is located in Pulverbatch, Shrewsbury, UK. (Exact location given to guests closer to the time).

The cottage is within a quiet, remote, secluded area surrounded by lovely countryside.

All guests have full access to the cottage's facilities, including the table football.


The easiest, cheapest, and most convenient way to get to the retreat is to drive there.  However, If traveling by public transport, it is best to make your way to Shrewsbury train/bus station. We can then arrange a lift for you from there to the retreat.  The closest airports to the retreat are Liverpool John Lennon Airport (LPL) and Birmingham International Airport (BHX).  There will usually be another retreat guest who can give you a lift from a station that is on their way to the retreat. We will sort this out for you so that you do not have to spend a lot of money on travel costs.  The exact location of the retreat will be given to guests closer to the time.


  • Single Bed in Twin Room

    This ticket entitles 1 guest to stay for 3 nights in a single bed in a twin room with access to a shared bathroom. We provide luxurious, warm, comfortable, indoor accommodation. All guests will receive a towel for their stay. We will do what we can to pair you with someone of the same gender, and if you are a light sleeper, we will make all efforts to try to put you with someone who doesn't snore, but this cannot be 100% guaranteed.

  • Private Room

    This ticket entitles 1 guest to stay for 3 nights in a private room with a king bed and access to a shared bathroom. We provide luxurious, warm, comfortable, indoor accommodation. All guests will receive a towel for their stay.




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