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Mon, 08 Apr


Builth Wells

4-Day Heal Separation & Remember Oneness Retreat

Allow us to help you remember the truth of who you really are

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4-Day Heal Separation & Remember Oneness Retreat
4-Day Heal Separation & Remember Oneness Retreat

Time & Location

08 Apr 2024, 17:00 BST – 11 Apr 2024, 09:00 BST

Builth Wells, Builth Wells LD2, UK


About the event


All your suffering and lack of joy stem from just one thing - you have forgotten the truth of who you really are, and have believed that you are separate from others, from your life experiences, and from the rest of life. But fret not, as you have already begun the journey to end this nightmare and remember the magnificence of of the one truth: the truth of who you really are. And let us tell you, the joy and love that arises from remembering this truth will make the whole journey oh so worth it!

It is no accident that you have been drawn to looking at this retreat listing. Your soul has decided that it has had enough of suffering, and it has decided that it is time to return home to truth and love. This retreat is your chance!

Full Description

Let me tell you a story. There was once a man named Andrew. He lived in England and grew up in a very strict orthodox christian family. However, Andrew knew from within that there was a lot more to life than what was being told in the Bible and by the priests of his church. When he was 16 years-old, he denounced the church as it became more and more apparent that so-called "religious" people were just regurgitating the words written by people many hundreds of years ago, and no one had actually discovered truth for themselves.

Andrew then began living life without the shackles of his old religion's strict rules, which was fun for a short while. However, he eventually entered the workforce, and it was not long before he started to question, "Is this it?! Is this what life is really about?! Working at a job you hate, barely having enough time or energy to do anything else, and then retiring?! Where is the joy, the beauty, the love?!". He looked around and realised that no one was actually happy. With clear vision, he could see that everyone was just going through the motions, just living a life they were programmed to live by society.

Andrew then kept haring a voice inside his head that repeated the phrase "Everything is an illusion". Although he didn't understand what this meant at the time, it was enough to trigger Andrew to go on a quest to find answers, because he could no longer accept that the universe just created us to live such a dull life. Since no one around Andrew seemed to be interested in the same quest, he had to do it alone with no external guidance. But Andrew soon realised he had an internal guidance system, the source of which he did not yet know, but he knew it felt right to follow this inner guide. This inner guide took him on a journey of realising that the world we all perceive through our body's five senses is just an illusion, and Andrew realised that who he thought he was was all just a lie. But if everything he thought he once knew was all a lie, what was the truth?

Following his inner guide without knowing where it was all leading to seemed ridiculous to people who knew him, and they started to become concerned he'd gone crazy. But this didn't stop him. Eventually, his quest ended when he had some incredible experiences of remembering the fullness of the truth of who he is. The truth of who we all are. The truth of reality. The one truth. That all of reality is just Love playing with itself. A cosmic game of hide and seek. Upon this realisation, Andrew was so overcome with unconditional peace, love and joy, and he knew that he had found IT. Since that moment, all his suffering ceased.

Andrew no longer felt like... Andrew anymore. He knew that the individual identity was just a layer of disguise that he had now dropped. Only Love remained. But Love knew there was even more joy to be had. Love knew that there would be great joy in helping others remember the truth. Observing the current state of the world, Love knew that it was time to begin its quest to help heal humanity's belief in separation and unite humanity in the truth of oneness, and so Love created this particular retreat. This retreat is not about Andrew, but about YOU. Throughout the retreat, Love will share its wisdom and the exercises that were most effective in helping Andrew remember, so that you can experience it all for yourself.

What Makes This Retreat Special?

This retreat is designed to help you actually experience oneness and the truth of who you really are for yourself, rather than just talking about it. Experiencing oneness is so simple and subtle, yet it is not easy because we have been so accustomed to believe the perception of separation. This retreat will make it a lot easier for you to see beyond the illusions and give you the tools to feel oneness in any situation after the retreat.

Remembering who you really are is what will help you discover the unconditional peace, love and joy that has always been within you. It's just that you had been temporarily distracted from this by all the chaos in the "outside" world and within your mind. But it is now time to no longer be distracted. ARE YOU READY?!

Our retreats are designed to make your journey to remembering truth not only as easy as possible, but as fun as possible as well. We firmly believe that enjoying the journey is important, and life is not meant to be taken seriously at all.

This retreat is designed to suit people of all ages and experience levels. Anyone would greatly benefit from coming to this retreat. However, it is those who have already started their spiritual awakening, who have some experience with meditation, and who are ready to accept truth that will benefit the most from this retreat.

After the retreat, we invite you into our community which is made up of our practitioners, retreat hosts and previous guests of our retreats. This community organises regular follow-up retreats and group holidays.

If you are seeking a new group of like-minded and outgoing friends who you can connect more deeply with and have fun with, then look no further. Romances and beautiful friendships have blossomed out of this community.

You can also book online healing and spiritual guidance sessions after the retreat to ensure that you have the ongoing support you need when you go back out into the world.

Finally, we work tirelessly to ensure that the retreats we provide are extremely great value for money. This is because our main focus is to help as many people as possible rather than profit.


During the retreat, you will undergo many activities, exercises, workshops and meditations that are designed to help see beyond the illusion of separation and remember the truth of oneness.

The exact timetable will be given to guests closer to the time of the retreat.


Three delicious vegan/vegetarian Buddha bowl meals are provided each day to help you detox and feel good throughout the retreat. Many previous guests have said that even our meals alone have been worth the trip to come to the retreat.

We do cater for most dietary requirements and allergies except for nut allergies.

Each guest will also have access to unlimited water, tea, herbal tea, and coffee throughout the day.


The cottage where the retreat will be held is located in Builth Wells, Mid-Wales, UK. (Exact location given to guests closer to the time).

The beautiful cottage is within a very quiet, remote, secluded area surrounded by lovely countryside fields, woods, gardens and rivers.

All guests have full access to the cottage's facilities, including the hot tub and games room (with snooker and table football).

How To Get There 

The easiest, cheapest, and most convenient way to get to the retreat is to drive there. However, If traveling by public transport, it is best to make your way to Hereford train/coach station. We can then arrange a lift for you from there to the retreat. The closest airport to the retreat is Cardiff International Airport (CWL), which is a 1 hour and 45-minute drive from the retreat.

There will usually be another retreat guest who can give you a lift from a station that is on their way to the retreat. We will sort this out for you so that you do not have to spend a lot of money on travel costs.

The exact location of the retreat will be given to guests closer to the time.


  • Single Bed In Shared Room

    This ticket entitles 1 person to stay for 3 nights in a single bed in a shared room (shared with either 1 or 2 other guests) with an en-suite. If you opt for a shared room, all efforts will be made to ensure you are sharing a room with only those of the same gender, but this cannot be guaranteed for everyone. We provide luxurious, warm, comfortable, indoor accommodation. All guests will receive a towel for their stay.

    Sold Out
  • King Bed In Shared Room

    This ticket entitles 1 person to stay for 3 nights in a king-sized bed in a shared room (shared with 2 other guests) with an en-suite. If you opt for a shared room, all efforts will be made to ensure you are sharing a room with only those of the same gender, but this cannot be guaranteed for everyone. We provide luxurious, warm, comfortable, indoor accommodation. All guests will receive a towel for their stay.

    Sold Out

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