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Fri, 21 Jul



8-Day Surrender Retreat Near The Lake District

Come & Experience A Profound Transformation By A Private Lake Near The Lake District

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8-Day Surrender Retreat Near The Lake District
8-Day Surrender Retreat Near The Lake District

Time & Location

21 Jul 2023, 17:00 – 28 Jul 2023, 09:30

Chipping, Chipping, Preston PR3, UK


About the event

Welcome to Surrender Retreats!

Everyone is looking for something, but they don't know what it is or how to find it. We all try to find this thing from outer sources, such as partners, children, jobs, friends, wealth, food, and/or substances, but these things can only give us some temporarily relief at best, until we are left still unhappy, unsatisfied and unfulfilled in the long-term.

This thing that we are all longing for is the peace, love and joy one feels when they fully remember who they truly are. Once one remembers who they truly are, all seeking stops, and all questions are answered. At that point, you will know that you have found what you have always been looking for. This is what has been referred to as enlightenment.

It is no accident that you have been drawn to looking at this retreat listing. Your soul has decided that it has had enough of suffering, and it has decided that it is time to remember the truth of who you really are. This retreat is your chance! Coming to this retreat will help you significantly along your journey of remembering. You have been called, and it's up to you as to whether you answer this call.

Our spiritual retreats help you radically raise your state of consciousness in just a few days. The main focus of our retreats is to help you trust life and surrender to it so that, by the end of the retreat, you leave with a fresh new perspective towards life and the tools to be able to live life to the fullest. Our retreats are designed to help you see the beauty and perfection of life so that you can completely trust life. Once life has gained your trust, we then help you surrender to life using specifically-designed exercises. Then, when you have completely surrendered and are one with the Divine, life becomes extremely easy and enjoyable. Coming to this retreat will trigger an explosion of love and light within yourself, and will help you to discover the magnitude of your light. It will be impossible for you to leave this retreat without having experienced a profound spiritual transformation.

Each guest will be entitled to 2 personal healing sessions during the retreat so that they can receive tailored guidance and healing. One of the healing sessions will be a chakra healing, and the possible options for the other healing session include: Shamanic Healing session, Personal Spiritual Guidance session, or an Emotional Freedom Technique session. All sessions are conducted by qualified practitioners.

After booking your spot at this retreat, you will be invited to fill out a questionnaire which will help us tailor the retreat for you. We will determine what healing sessions will be best for you to receive at the retreat based on your answers to this questionnaire. However, we do take your preferences into consideration. If you did not get to try out a particular type of session at the retreat, you will be able to have that type of session after the retreat via online video call.

There will be one day at the retreat where everyone will be silent. You will find that this day of silence helps to reduce the chaos within your mind. By eliminating the possibility of speaking to others, you will find that there will be fewer thoughts in your mind.

Guests will have the option of participating in a Shamanic Plant Medicine ceremony, details of which will be given to guests a month before the retreat. This, like anything else at the retreat, is optional, and if you do not wish to participate, there will be other activities you'll be able to do instead.

There will be plenty of free time during the retreat. During these free times, you could rest and reflect on your experiences at the retreat, connect with the other guests and/or hosts, explore the surrounding nature, paint or draw, take a dip in the hot tub or lake, meditate, or perhaps you could read the free copy of the host's spiritual awakening guide book that you will receive upon arrival.

At our retreats, you will find yourself in an unconditionally loving, accepting and non-judgemental environment that allows you the freedom to just be your true, natural self. Guests find that this freedom encourages their inner child to come out, and they leave with more self-confidence and self-love. You will never be forced to share anything you don't want to, but we find that guests feel so accepted and loved at our retreats that they willingly share, and they always feel great for doing so.

What Makes This Retreat So Special?:

This retreat is not just about giving you a brief respite from the stresses of the world. This retreat is specifically designed to help you heal from the past, to change your perspective on life so that you realize how beautiful and perfect life really is, and to give you the tools you need so that you can go back out in the world and enjoy life as well as overcome any challenge that comes your way.

Instead of focusing on just one or two different types of spiritual practices, we introduce you to many different spiritual practices and exercises during the retreat so that you can experience a variety and find what works best for you. These include: meditation, yoga sessions, Qigong, sound baths, ecstatic trance dance, a silent day at the retreat, and many more. You will also receive two different types of healing sessions at the retreat so that you can receive tailored guidance and healing.

Our fun yet effective workshop activities help you relax, take life less seriously, and fully surrender to life. The shamanic ceremonies we do at our retreats also prove very popular with our guests, particularly our Shamanic Plant Medicine ceremony.

Our main philosophy is that life is supposed to be fun, and that includes spirituality. If you are doing something "spiritual" in a serious manner, then it is not spiritual at all. We invite you to just come and see for yourself how much fun spirituality can be. There is plenty of singing, dancing, laughing and games at our retreats. We provide the right environment to entice your inner child to come out and play.

Our retreats are designed to suit people of all ages, belief systems, and experience levels. No matter who you are, you will greatly benefit from our retreats, and you would be a fantastic addition to the group. It will be impossible to go back out into the world after coming to our retreat and live the same life as you did before.

We do not just say goodbye to you forever once you leave the retreat. We invite you into our community which is made up of our practitioners, retreat helpers and previous guests of our retreats. This community organises regular follow-up retreats and group holidays. If you are seeking a new group of like-minded and outgoing friends who you can connect more deeply with and have fun with, then look no further. Romances and beautiful friendships have blossomed out of this community. You can also book online healing and spiritual guidance sessions after the retreat to ensure that you have the ongoing support you need when you go back out into the world.

Finally, we work tirelessly to ensure that the retreats we provide are extremely great value for money. This is because our main focus is to help as many people as possible rather than profit.


Each day starts off with a Qigong session and ends with star gazing.

The mornings usually consist of a workshop after breakfast.

The afternoons usually consist of healing sessions, free time, and yoga.

Evenings usually consist of different combinations of meditations, sound baths, and shamanic ceremonies.

You also get a free copy of the host's spiritual awakening guidebook, as well as a free crystal bracelet during the retreat.

The exact timetable will be given to guests a month before the retreat.


Three delicious vegan/vegetarian Buddha bowl meals are provided each day to help you detox and feel good throughout the retreat. Many previous guests have said that even our meals alone have been worth the trip to come to the retreat.

We do cater for most dietary requirements and allergies except for nut allergies. The only exception is that there will not be any dinner on the night of the Shamanic Plant Medicine ceremony as it is best for you to participate in this ceremony on an empty stomach. Each guest will also have access to unlimited water, tea, herbal tea, and coffee throughout the day.


The group of cottages where the retreat will be held are located in Chipping in Preston, UK. (Exact location given to guests closer to the time). The cottages are within a very quiet, remote, secluded area surrounded by lovely countryside and has a beautiful lake. All guests have full access to the cottage's facilities, including the hot tub.


The easiest, cheapest, and most convenient way to get to the retreat is to drive there. However, If travelling by public transport, it is best to make your way to Preston train/coach station. We can then arrange a lift for you from there to the retreat. There will usually be another retreat guest who can give you a lift from a station that is on their way to the retreat. We will sort this out for you so that you do not have to spend a lot of money on travel costs. The closest airports to the retreat are Manchester Airport (MAN) and Liverpool John Lennon Airport (LPL), which are both just over an hour's drive from the retreat.

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