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Bringing Up 5D Children

Greetings wonderful being of love and light. If you are thinking of having children, or you already have small children, then for you to be a competent parent, you need to be spiritually prepared.

We are undergoing the ascension of humanity from 3rd density to 4th density. This transition is likely to be completed very soon. This means that the majority of the young children currently in the world, and all future children in the world, are fourth density beings. It wouldn’t make sense that third density children would be allowed to start incarnation on earth when the transition to fourth density is almost complete. This would not give them a proper chance to graduate. So if you are a relatively new parent or thinking about becoming a parent, you need to realise that your children are likely to be more spiritually advanced than you. Many people cannot even comprehend this because when they see children, they automatically view them as less advanced. But do not let illusory physical bodies deceive you. Their souls are likely to have had many incarnations in fourth density before coming to earth, while the majority of adults on earth are third density beings just transitioning to fourth density. With this in mind, parents now have a huge responsibility. People are conditioned to perceive the world through the third dimension mainly by their parents. It is therefore now the parents’ responsibility to break this third dimensional cycle of conditioning. Parents need to now be able to help their children perceive through the fourth and fifth dimension, as this is what is required for fourth density. These children will be the new leaders of the fifth dimensional world. Parents therefore are required to raise their children in different ways to before. Yes, it is scary, but what a fantastic responsibility this is.

So how do you raise 5D children? You raise them according to fifth dimensional principles. Firstly, you need to always perceive oneness. By perceiving oneness, you do not view children as less than you, but as the same being. Whenever interacting with your children, always keep in mind that they are one with you. In any situation with your children, think about how you would treat yourself. Secondly, you need to realise that they are divine. They are divine beings who are looking to you to help them realise their divinity. In every circumstance with your children, think to yourself — how do I treat the divine in this instance? How do I help them realise their divinity from this? Thirdly, love cannot be conditional. Many parents withdraw their love or do not show as much love when the children do not do what the parents want them to do. Parents therefore condition their children to behave a certain way if they want to receive love. And finally, parents will need to give children freedom. Freedom to express their emotions, freedom to explore things, freedom to learn what they want to learn, freedom to follow their intuition. If your baby wants to cry, let them cry. By trying to bribe them or distract them from crying, you are conditioning them to suppress their emotions from a very young age. If your children feel an urge to explore certain experiences, then let them. Instead of wanting your kids to fit a perfect model that you have created in your mind, instead, let them be exactly who they want to be. If they make a mistake, help them learn from their mistakes with unconditional love. Let them play and keep their innocence. 3D concepts of punishment, abuse, strictness, limits, obedience, and conditional love will therefore no longer be appropriate.

For you to be able to teach your children how to find true happiness, how to follow their intuition, how to deal with emotions appropriately, how to use every experience as a tool to spiritually progress, how to perceive oneness, how to discover their divine nature, what the purpose of life is, and how to tune in to divine guidance, you will first need to achieve these things yourself. So the best thing you could do for your children is actually to disassociate from your ego and find out who you truly are. When you have gone through a spiritual awakening, only then will you be a competent parent for the new 5D children of earth. By associating with your true self, living from your heart, and following your intuition, you will automatically know how to raise your children appropriately. You can teach your children in the same ways you can teach others — by being the example, the inspiration.

Your spiritually advanced children have chosen you as their parents during this unique time. What an honour and blessing this is. They deserve your respect and unconditional love. Your role as a parent is to help them flourish in any way that you can, and to help them fulfil their missions on earth. Instead of limiting them because you think you know best, allow them to actually teach you. Instead of imposing rules and expecting them to obey you, have loving discussions and hear what they have to say. If you are a 3D parent, you will raise 3D children. If you are a 5D parent, you will raise 5D children. This is not to say that children will not be able to perceive through the fifth dimension later on in life, but if you are raising them based on 3D concepts, you are prolonging this and making it harder for them.

With such an important task, you have to take some time to think about the reasons why you want children before having them. Just like with any other relationship, you need to assess whether it is an ego goal or part of your true self’s life path. If you want children because you believe it is just the next stage of life, or to try to save a marriage, or because you are bored, or because everyone around you has children, or because you aren’t happy and believe that children will make you happy, then this means that having children has become one of your ego’s goals. You only want to be a parent for selfish reasons, to gain something. However, if both you and your partner have a sudden spontaneous urge to have children, and if you are already happy, and if your relationship with your partner is great, then having children is likely to be part of your true self’s life path. In this instance, you want to be a parent because you want to share the love and happiness you have already found, and because you want to be in service to another divine being. Entering into parenthood for selfish reasons will not make you a competent parent to raise 5D children. It is not until you have first discovered your inner love and happiness that you can truly share these gifts with someone else.

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