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Comparisons Are Disrespectful

Updated: May 2, 2023

Greetings beloved being of love and light. Have you ever noticed that we have been programmed to compare ourselves to others all the time? Why do we do this? Well, the motivation to compare ourselves to others initially begins when we judge ourselves as not good enough. Whether that be in terms of our looks, wealth, status, popularity, our relationship status, how funny we are, our state of consciousness, etc. When we judge ourselves as imperfect or not good enough, we then look around us and judge others to see who are we better than, and who are we worse than. By determining who we are better than, this allows our ego to feel good about itself. By determining who we are worse than, we create a goal to be like those people.

But you are never imperfect. You are never not good enough. There is never anything wrong with you. You are exactly how you are supposed to be at this time. You are a unique expression of the one. When you compare yourself to others, you are disrespecting your uniqueness, as well as the uniqueness of others. When you try to be like someone else, the best you can be is a phony. When you try to be different, you no longer become genuine. Of course, your looks, wealth, status, popularity, relationship status, and state of consciousness will always change, but let it happen naturally and effortlessly. Why force changes upon yourself? Why allow other people and the outside world determine what you do and how you act?

Everyone is always comparing themselves to others to see where their ego fits in the illusory social hierarchy that our egos create in our minds. But all this judging and comparing disallows us from seeing the beauty in the uniqueness of ourselves and others. What good comes from comparing each other? In fact, it causes a lot of damage. We are programmed to not love and accept ourselves and others exactly as we all are. As children, we are always compared with other children, as if other children are better than us and we should strive to be like them. But every child is being compared to every other child. There is no one child that is seen as perfect and doesn’t get compared to another. And this programming stays with us throughout our lives.

Comparisons also leads to competition. Instead of focusing on ourselves and how we want to live our lives and what we want to be like, we focus on others and we try to rise above everyone in the social hierarchy. When you accept and love yourself, and you allow yourself to be who you want to be, and you are always following your heart and joy, you will not care what others are like and what they are doing. Then this notion of competition disappears. By always competing against each other, we always look at each other as competition and people we must beat, rather than looking at each other through the eyes of love. Competing with others can either lead you to feel superior or inferior to others, both of which do not help your spiritual growth. Feeling superior can only fuel your ego, and, as we know, the stronger your ego is, the more detached from truth, love and happiness you are. And feeling inferior to others can only lead to your unhappiness and not loving yourself.

What’s more, comparisons often lead to negative thoughts and emotions, and therefore it lowers your vibration. By judging yourself as imperfect, you experience self-loathing, By judging others as imperfect, you may experience anger or hatred, and you project these negative energies at those people. By judging other people as more perfect than you, you may experience jealousy. By judging yourself as more perfect than others, you may look down on other people. All these negative thoughts and emotions not only lower your vibration, but they can negatively impact other people’s vibration. And it all starts with “harmless” comparisons.

So start appreciating your uniqueness and focus on yourself. Then, when you have learned to embrace and love your uniqueness, do the same with other people. Embrace each person’s uniqueness without feeling the need to compare others. Understand that everyone is on a unique life path and soul journey, so comparing each other is silly. From this very moment, you can decide whether to contribute to a world where everyone is loved and accepted for exactly who they are, or a world where everyone is judged and is constantly comparing and competing with each other. It all starts with you.

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