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Embrace Change

Updated: May 2, 2023

Constant change is an inherent part of life. There is no way to escape change. The mind tries to control life to make it very predictable, to make it the same, to make it very comfortable. But it fails time and time again. Energies have to move. They have to move. They’re always changing. They’re always transforming. And so, if the universe, if this world, is purely energy, a combination of different energies, then there is no way that it can stay the same, stay stagnant.

Yet whenever change occurs, the mind is disturbed. The mind is disturbed because things are not going as it expects, as it desires. And it gets annoyed like a spoiled child. The mind does not even know if this change will lead to anything good or bad. It just does not like change, it does not like unpredictability. And it causes much unhappiness, much suffering, if you follow the ego’s thoughts and emotions and you attach to them.

But when you accept that change is a part of life and you actually embrace it, you welcome it, then all that suffering, all that anger, all that fear drops immediately. And you must also realise that there is no bad change. Change is always positive. There’s always something to learn, something to help you grow, from each change. If you have the same experience again and again, how would you learn? How would you grow? And learning and growing is what your soul wants to do with this life. Your soul delights in change, but your ego, your mind, doesn’t. You can know this by observing what happens whenever change occurs. Notice the instant reactions of the mind. They’re impulsive, they’re angry. They’re fearful, they’re annoyed. But if you wait a while, that energy transforms. And then the more rational, gentle, calming voice of the divine within you starts to adapt, starts to learn, starts to experience and starts to realize why you are experiencing this change and what there is to learn.

So, how can you change from one mindset to the other? The answer is not to suppress those impulsive, passionate emotional reactions to change, but to simply observe them without being sucked in by them. Observe them, and then they will go, and then you will allow the divine to enjoy the challenge, enjoy the change.

And if you look back on your life, you will realise how so many changes have led to positive outcomes. Yet we always forget this. We always forget this by the time the next change happens. Then we get angry, but the change eventually leads to something positive, but then another change happens, and then we get angry again. Simply observe these energies, let them go and then allow the divine to experience the change. This will be difficult at first because you’re so used to acting and reacting impulsively. So what you can do is, after a change has occurred and you have reacted impulsively, meditate as soon as you can, maybe later that day or in the evening, and replay that scene where the change happened in your mind, but this time react how you would react now, after you’ve had that time to calm down, and you will see that there is a difference between this reaction and the reaction that occurred at the time. The more you do this, the more you start to become aware as soon as a change occurs. And, ideally, you want to reduce the time between the meditation and your impulsive reaction, reduce that time, reduce that time gradually over time until you immediately enter that meditation when a change occurs.

Changes also wake people up. They’re a good tool to wake people up. When people get too comfortable with a certain way of living, then they’re very stagnant. They don’t grow, they don’t learn. And by constantly trying to make our lives as comfortable, predictable and safe as possible, this has led to a society that has become more spiritually lazy.

So when changes occur, like they are occurring en masse in each person’s life right now and in the collective reality here on earth, embrace it. Embrace it, enjoy it, and allow the impulsive energies to drift by you until you allow the divine to experience the change through you. And you will start to enjoy and appreciate the changes as they come.

Thank you.

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