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Going Within

If you are pursuing your spiritual awakening, you will have undoubtedly heard the advice to “go within”. But what does it mean to go within? Why should you go within? And how do you go within? These are the questions that we will be answering in this blog.

Let’s reiterate something that I have mentioned several times in my previous blogs: Life is a school, and you are here to learn more about who you truly are. Therefore, it is wise to use your outer world experiences to find out more about who you truly are. You do this by realising that your outer reality is simply a mirror to your inner reality, and so you can use your outer world experiences to know more about what is within you. The issues that each of us, and the world as a whole, are facing are generally caused by the belief in separation between our outer worlds and our inner worlds. We believe we are separate from others, from our experiences, from our planet, and from the Creator. Instead of realising that life is simply reflecting our inner consciousness, we feel like victims to life. We never go within and we put all our focus on our outer reality. As a result, we never give ourselves the opportunity to discover who we truly are. We try to change the world and our lives without ever going within. But the only way we can change our lives and the world is by first changing ourselves from within.

It is important to remember that we are not physical bodies; we are beings of love and light. We are pure life force energy, sometimes known as chi, prana, or orgone. And what we focus on is where we direct our life force energy. Whether you consciously know it or not, if you are focusing on something or someone outside of yourself, you are giving your energy away to that thing or person. Thoughts and emotions are also forms of energy, and and this energy comes from our life force energy. However, when you turn your focus inward, you conserve your life force energy. You can add to your life force energy through things like deep conscious breathing, eating light-rich foods (such as vegetables, fruits and nuts), tuning in to energies being sent to you from higher-dimensional beings, and, most importantly, by attaining higher levels of consciousness.

The great majority unconsciously spend their life constantly giving away their life force energy without taking the time to recharge and replenish. So, if you completely occupy yourself with your job, family duties, watching TV, scrolling on your smartphone, playing video games, social gatherings, and keeping up with current affairs of the world, you are constantly depleting your life force energy. Adding to this, many people live completely in their minds, giving so much energy to their thoughts, and these thoughts often lead to negative emotions, such as fear and anger, which all deplete their life force energy further. In addition, many people give much of their life force energy away by masturbating or having shallow meaningless sex, as sexual energy comes from our life force energy. When people are also not eating much light-rich foods, not working on themselves spiritually, not tuning in to energies being sent to them from higher dimensional beings, and are always unconsciously taking fast shallow breaths, you can see why people are always tired, sick, ageing, and depressed. They are stuck in a very low vibrational 3D way of living.

Conserving and increasing one’s life force energy, or chi, is the goal of the spiritual awakening journey. By increasing one’s life force energy, one experiences a higher dimensional experience of reality, and one achieves higher levels of consciousness where they learn more about who they truly are. This is what going within allows you to do. Through meditation, you are able to turn your focus inward, detach from thought, consciously take long deep breaths, and tune in to energies that are being sent to you to help you progress spiritually. However, this does not mean that someone should just meditate all day every day. Meditation is also a time for reflecting on your outer experiences. Outer experiences are extremely useful tools to help you progress spiritually and attain higher levels of consciousness, as long as you take the time to go within and reflect on these experiences. This is why monks and those who seclude themselves from the world to spend their life praying or meditating do not learn important spiritual lessons as quickly as those who are fully integrated in the outside world but regularly take the time to reflect on their experiences. But I feel I must add here that monks do play a vital role in society by keeping their vibrations high, which helps raise the vibration of the human collective, so I am definitely not saying that one shouldn’t be a monk — just listen to your inner guidance to see if this is the right path for you.

There are seven main energy centres of our life force energy within our bodies. These energy centres are known as chakras. To spiritually progress, one must unblock any blocked chakras, activate higher chakras, and ensure all chakras are balanced. By unblocking chakras and activating higher chakras, you increase your vibration. The optimal state is when all chakras are fully activated and completely balanced with each other, so that no chakra is more active than the others. Our outer world experiences are catalysts that usually trigger or highlight some sort of imbalance within our chakras, perhaps a blockage or overactivity in a particular chakra. Going within then gives you the opportunity to correct those imbalances. In this way, you use your outer world experiences to increase your vibration and come closer to the optimal enlightened state.

Another important benefit of going within is that you are able to receive guidance and answers that help with your spiritual progression. Your true self, your higher self, can always give you any guidance or answers you seek, but you must quiet the mind and enter a meditative state so that you can hear this guidance. By going within, you tap in to your connection to the Divine, who is always available to help you along your spiritual journey. Whether you need advice on what to do about something in particular, or you have general questions about a particular topic, or if you just want to have a conversation with an extremely knowledgeable part of yourself, going within allows you to deeply explore yourself in new ways.

The Earth and humanity are now ascending to the fifth dimension, sometimes referred to as the Golden Age, or the Satya Yuga. There are many advanced higher-dimensional beings that are assisting us with our ascension. They do this by sending high vibrational energy our way. This energy can be in the form of messages of wisdom or higher knowledge, it may be energy that help us heal from physical ailments or emotional traumas, it may just be love energy, or it may be certain light-code activations and upgrades to our DNA. Whatever energies they are sending us, it always has the purpose and intent to help us increase our vibration and life force energy. The Earth has recently entered the photon belt of our milky way galaxy, which is an area of extremely high frequency energy. In addition, our sun is now regularly sending out coronal mass ejections of energy which are also helping us with our ascension journey. What’s more, our beautiful planet, Mother Gaia, is getting in on the action and currently surrounding us with much higher frequency energies compared to what is considered normal, as picked up by the Schumann Resonance. We are so blessed to have all these energies available to us, and all we need to do is go within and be in a receptive state to receive and integrate these energies.

Your life force energy and vibration is your only true wealth in the world. It is the only thing you take with you from one life to the next. By making it a priority in your life to increase your true wealth, your life force energy and vibration, you progress along your spiritual journey a lot more quickly. You begin to consciously and carefully choose what you give your life force energy away to. Before every thought, action or word, you decide if it is worth giving your life force energy away in this way. And there will be times where you deem it very worthwhile, perhaps to manifest something that you want, or to share spiritual wisdom with others, or to make others laugh, or to create something that you want to create, or to help someone heal, or to show or send love to someone or something. Sometimes you may even decide that you would like to give some energy away by watching a little TV or attending a social gathering. But you will always go within afterwards to replenish and recharge. Therefore, my message to you today is: If you want to speed up your ascension, start making it a priority to increase your only true wealth in the world (your life force energy and vibration) by regularly going within.

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