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How Do I Know How Well I Am Doing On My Spiritual Path?

Updated: May 2, 2023

How do you know how well you are doing on your spiritual path? If you are asking this to yourself or to others, this shows that you are still bringing in an old 3D mindset to spirituality.

Firstly, you are trying to compare yourself to others. And this is very third dimensional because comparing yourself to others requires you to believe in separation. There are no others. You are each a unique expression of the one.

The second thing to note is that there is no goal. There is no destination for you to go to. When there is no goal, there is no possibility of failing. There is no possibility of succeeding. This is all just a play, a game, with no real goal. Yes, you can say, overall, the trajectory of the game for each soul is to remember more and more of who they truly are, but this is not a competition. Each soul is unique, following a unique path. So it’s folly, it’s silly, to compare one to the other. There’s no competition. There is no goal. There are no others.

So all you need to do is focus on yourself, focus on your path, and don’t allow the mind to distract you with trying to compare yourself to others, or trying to make you feel bad for supposedly not being as spiritually advanced as others, or perhaps the ego is trying to manipulate you into feeling good and feeling proud that you are more spiritual advanced than another soul.You are exactly where you’re supposed to be and who you’re supposed to be right now. And so is everyone else. In order to overcome the anxiety, the fear, that comes from asking this question, simply focus on yourself, on your life, on your experiences. Is there an opportunity to express love? Is there an opportunity to learn something? Is there an opportunity to grow? Is there an opportunity to really enjoy this present moment?

When you focus completely on the present moment, on yourself, on your life, then you do not ask these questions. You’re being guided by life, by your higher self, by spirit guides and guardian angels, by creation itself, by the divine. You are being guided along a specific path that has been carved just for you as the divine wants to experience this particular path through your body and mind. And so it’s nonsense to compare yourself with other people to compete for some illusory goal. I see so many people in the spiritual community doing this.

And so many people come to me for reassurance. Am I doing well? And the answer is, yes, you’re doing exactly what you’re supposed to be doing. Even those you deem as sinners, as lost ones, as those who are very unspiritual, unenlightened, they’re on a particular path that the divine wants them to experience. And they’re exactly where they’re supposed to be. There is no one to compete with or to compare with; it’s all one, you’re all one. We are playing different roles in this grand movie, and no role is better than another.

What’s more, you don’t know how old your soul is compared to other people’s. Generally, the more lives the soul has experienced, the more spiritually advanced it will be, but you don’t know how old your soul is. So, just because you are more spiritually advanced than someone else, it may simply be just that you have had more lives, you have had more experiences, you have had more opportunities to learn and grow. So how does this make you better? How does this mean you’re doing better than another person? The same can be said the other way. If you see someone who you think, who you deem, is more spiritually advanced than you, you don’t know how old their soul is. Again, they could have had more life experiences than you. So does that mean they’re doing better than you? Of course not.

So the message of this blog is to simply focus on yourself. You’re exactly where you’re supposed to be. And follow your inner guidance. Follow the guidance life is trying to give you. Follow the guidance from the divine, from your higher self, from your spirit guides. And there is no reason to think about anything else, or anyone else for that matter. If there is an opportunity to interact with others, to learn from others, to serve others, to express love to others, then by all means focus on others. But other than this, what use is it to think about others? It serves no purpose other than fuelling the ego, which is likely to lead to low-vibrational negative emotions and thoughts.

Thank you.

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