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How To Live Your Life Purpose

I get asked so many times, “What is my life purpose?”, “How do I live my life purpose?”, and “How do I follow my life path?”. My answer is always the same: Follow your heart, follow your joy, and you will always be following your life path, you will always be living your purpose. But many people are not very fulfilled by this answer. They feel like their questions haven’t been answered. And that is because they haven’t asked the question that they really wanted to ask.

When people ask these questions, what they really want to know is “How is my life going to go?” or “What is the goal that I should be striving for?”, or they just want reassurance that life will get better for them. This is another clever way your ego interferes with your spiritual journey. It wants to know everything that’s going to happen. It wants to be told exactly what you’re going to achieve because it hates the unknown. It wants things to be predictable because it is safer this way — there would be no nasty surprises. But spirituality is all about exploring the unknown. Not only exploring the unknown but embracing it. When you live through your heart and follow your joy, you’re always doing what resonates, what feels good, and what you’re being guided to do. And when you do this, you are doing exactly what you’re supposed to be doing and what the divine wants to experience through you.

People not only want to know what’s going to happen in their life, they also want to know that they are special, that they are better than others, and that they are destined to do great things. Again, this is another trick of the ego. Even those who have started their spiritual awakening can develop a spiritual ego in this way. Beware of this trap. In truth, when you remember who you truly are, that is to say when you attain enlightenment, it will not matter what you do. You will enjoy everything that you do. All moments and situations will be equally valued by you. And you no longer wonder whether your life will get any better because you will be experiencing pure bliss right now.

What’s more, when you remember who you truly are, you will positively impact so many people just through your energy. You will not even have to do anything but just be your true self, and in so doing, everything you do will be great because it will be done with such awareness and love. And more and more people will then be attracted to you, giving you greater opportunities to have a positive impact on others. But you do not get to this stage by having people confirm to you that you will do great things. You do not get to this stage by thinking about what you will do in the future. You get to this stage by following your heart in the present moment because your heart is always guiding you to those experiences that will help you remember who you are.

If someone tells you that you are destined for great things, how does this help you other than to stroke your ego? In fact, you may become lazy because you feel like destiny will ensure your great future so you do not have to put effort in. It may actually prevent you from fulfilling your positive destiny because you will trap yourself within a new layer of the ego that feels it is superior to others. What’s more, when someone tells you of one possible direction of your life path, you may then take actions to ensure you remain in this direction, even though there may be many other possibilities of how your life could go. Therefore, the destiny that you are told about will become a new belief within your mind, which will limit the possibilities available to you.

But when you don’t know the future, you live your life authentically. You do not base your decisions on what someone has told you that you will do, but you will just do what feels right and joyful in the moment. You trust that you will be led along the most optimal path for your spiritual growth, so what need is there to know? The desire to know how your life will go just comes from your mistrust of life and of the divine.

If you are constantly focused on achieving “great” things then you are bound to be disappointed no matter how hard you try. However, if you focus only on enjoying each present moment, then you cannot fail. If you follow your joy then you will always be joyful. If you follow your heart then you will always feel inner love. You want to achieve great things because you want to be loved by others. But when you realise that you ARE love then you no longer seek love from outside of yourself. Instead, love naturally overflows from you into whatever you do, say or think, and this is how you can have the biggest and best impact on others.

So drop all this idea of becoming great and special, drop all your goals, drop the idea that you need love from others, and just live authentically in the present moment. You do not need to become great, you already are great, perfect in fact, and all that is required from you is to peel back the layers of the ego that prevent you from remembering your perfection. And you can work on peeling back those layers right now, so why worry about the future? Follow your heart and joy and you will always be living your life purpose.

Thank you.

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