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How To Not Condition Children

Updated: May 2, 2023

Many people who are spiritually awakening now want to raise their children in a different way so that they do not condition them. So that they allow them the freedom to be who they want to be without restricting them, without limiting them, without controlling them, without trying to get them to believe exactly what they believe. But this is a new area and it can be difficult to know how to not condition your children.

You must understand first how children have been conditioned in the past. As a child grows up, especially when they are young, they are given knowledge by outside sources, by their parents, by their teachers, by their religions. And they are given this knowledge before the child even asks the questions. And when you give someone knowledge about something before they even ask for it, that stops them ever asking the questions about those topics or those things. So when you tell a child, you are this name, you are this age, you are this race, you are this, you are that, they then do not ever ask themselves ‘Who am I?’ and try and find the answers for themselves because they think they already know who they are based on what you told them that they are.

And the same can be said about everything that a child learns in school or as they grow up. They’re given all this knowledge before they are even interested in the topic, before they even ask questions about it. And then they take this as their truth because they do not know any better. And they trust that those telling them what to believe know what they’re talking about. And so they do not ask questions, real questions, and they become very submissive, very controllable, very predictable. In addition, sometimes when children ask many questions, their parents get annoyed, their teachers get annoyed. Questioning things and thinking for yourself is seen by society as a bad thing.

But things have to change drastically. Firstly, we must wait until the children ask the questions before any knowledge is given to them. They must first be interested. When the interest does spark within them and they start asking questions about a topic, it is important not to simply give them one version or one story, even if you truly believe it. As a parent, it is important to allow the child the freedom to explore different answers. And then encourage them to find what answers resonate with them. Or if none of them resonate then encourage them to go within to try and find an answer on their own. Ask them what they believe, what they think. And they will go away, they will think about it, they’ll wait for some guidance, and then they will come back to you.

And it’s important that whatever they say you don’t quash it immediately because what may be true for you may not necessarily be true for others. How are you certain that what you know is true anyway? We have all been conditioned with borrowed knowledge. So children must be given the freedom to explore ideas without their ideas being quashed. Even if they are wrong about something, they will learn that from their experiences. You do not need to condition them or tell them that they are wrong. Simply offer what you believe, offer your perspective, but without saying that this is the absolute truth and you must believe it is true as well.

We must also not quash that questioning mind within children. They have such a thirst for answers to questions but we tend to quash their questioning mind, telling them to stop asking silly questions, unnecessary questions, or asking them “Why are you asking these questions when you know that this is the truth?”. Not only ought we to stop quashing this questioning mind, but we ought to actually embrace it, actually see it as beautiful because when one questions, one eventually finds answers. If someone does not question, they do not find answers, they are simply given knowledge, but this knowledge is borrowed. It is not authentic. It’s not their truth. And when a child grows up and continues to question and question, they are very, very difficult to manipulate, to control, to condition, and they become authentic. They think for themselves, they rely only on the answers they get from within and only look to outside sources perhaps to explore different perspectives before making their own mind up. And this must be the way of the new education, the new upbringing, and the new society of the new Earth.

Thank you.

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