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How You Are Guided Along Your Life Path

Updated: May 2, 2023

Greetings beloved being of love and light. Did you know there are many ways you are being guided to make sure you follow your life path? Firstly, it is important to reiterate that you choose which body and character you are going to incarnate into beforehand. You choose a particular body and character because you feel that it is the experiences of this particular life that will help you learn the lessons you need to learn at that particular stage of your soul journey. You also believe that the character you play will best allow you to carry out your missions there in that particular lifetime. Additionally, you may choose to incarnate into a life based on the astrological forces at the time of birth of that body. You decide which astrological forces will best help you in your life, and then you look for a body that is born on a particular day based on the chosen astrology.

Then, you are born, and as you are brought up, the great majority of your guidance comes from your parents, teachers and religion. Remember, you chose to be guided by those particular sources, so there are never any mistakes. The guidance from all these sources shape the character that you play, while the astrological forces shape your personality. As you reach your late-teenage years, you will have now developed an ego. This ego is the individual character you play based on the programming you have experienced in your life so far. This ego is heavily influenced by your parents, teachers, friends, media, society and religion. Your ego then starts to become your main guidance system, and it continues to be influenced by outside sources.

You then experience what life is like being guided by your ego. This may be a few years, or it may be your whole life. Your ego mainly guides you based on fear. Fear of survival, fear of not being accepted by others, and fear of being alone. So you end up doing the things that seem to bring more security and comfort for you, and the things that fulfil the expectations others have of you so that they like you. As a result, you don’t really give much consideration to what would bring you joy. Your life becomes centred around trying to control your life to make your ego less fearful, and your life ends up predictable, boring, centred around fear, and joyless. Again, you chose to experience this on purpose. If you didn’t experience the suffering that comes with following the guidance of your ego, you may not have the motivation to look for another guidance system. Life following the guidance of your ego also provides you with many experiences that you can then later reflect on and learn from.

Your higher self is essentially your divine guide in life. It is a future version of you that is able to see all timelines and alternate realities. Its aim is to guide you on your most optimal path. As you live life under the guidance of your ego, your higher self, for the most part, allows the ego to do its thing without interfering. However, before you incarnated, you chose a particular point on your life path that you wanted your higher self to start to guide you away from the suffering you experience when you believe that you are your illusory ego, and towards the joy of remembering who you really are. Your higher self guides you through your heart and intuition. The moments that you feel an inner spontaneous pull to do something or go somewhere, that is your higher self guiding you. In contrast to your ego, your higher self guides you based on the feeling of joy and love - where is your joy going to come from, and what would you love to do? This internal guidance system only gives gentle nudges. It is not as intense as the fear the ego uses to guide you.

At first, it is likely that you will ignore your higher self’s guidance. This is understandable as you have been so used to the ego’s guidance system. The ego always has a clear picture of what it wants your future to look like, and tries to guide you to attain that future. But you never know why your heart or intuition is guiding you to do something. You never know what it will lead to. This internal guidance system is unpredictable and spontaneous, which your ego fears. Your ego prefers predictability and doing things for a clear purpose as it is more certain, and with certainty comes this idea of security. Following your heart and intuition seems risky to your ego as it makes you vulnerable. Therefore, naturally, you will keep going back to following your ego. However, your heart and intuition will keep trying to guide you, and the more you ignore your heart and intuition, the more you will feel depressed. Depression is a sign that you are not following your optimal path because you are not doing what you would love to do and what will bring you joy, all because you are fearful of what might happen if you do.

If you continue to ignore your higher self’s guidance, and perhaps you take antidepressants to mask your depression, then there will come a point where your life situation will change to push you onto your chosen life path. This is what I call life’s pull-push method of guidance; you are first being guided by your higher self that triggers a gentle inner pull within you to do something, and if you ignore this then your higher self will change your life situation to push you to do the thing it is guiding you to do. A common example of this may be that your higher self wants you to quit your current job, perhaps so that you can spend some time relaxing without the stresses of a job, or perhaps to guide you towards another job. At first, you will experience an inner pull to quit, and you may feel like your joy will lie in just quitting and relaxing for a while, or your joy will lie in pursuing a different job. But you may ignore this inner pull as your ego makes you fearful that you may not succeed in another job, or you may not be able to survive if you don’t have a job for a while. So you may continue in your current job, but you will feel more and more depressed as time goes by. If you continue ignoring your inner guidance, then life may push you out of your current job; perhaps your employer may make you redundant, or perhaps you may get a health condition that prevents you from doing your current job.

As you progress along your life journey, you will gradually learn to follow your heart more and follow your ego less. This is because it is difficult to continually choose to ignore your joy and love in favour of suffering. Life rewards you with the beautiful feelings of love and joy when you follow your heart, and when you don’t follow your heart (out of free will choice), you will continue to experience suffering. Therefore, how much suffering you experience in life is directly related to how much you continue to ignore your heart and intuition and follow the guidance of your ego. If you live a life of complete surrender to your inner guidance, you will not experience suffering. Suffering is therefore always a free will choice. The only free will you have is whether you follow your heart or your mind, follow your higher self or your ego, follow love or fear. Eventually, whether in this life or a future one, you will live life completely from your heart, at which point you will be so full of joy and love all the time. How long it takes to get to that stage is up to you.

In addition to the guidance of external sources (such as parents, teachers, religion and society), your ego, your higher self, and life itself, you have spirit guides and guardian angels. These are higher-dimensional beings you asked to provide guidance for you before you incarnated into a particular life. While these beings may not be able to guide you as directly as your higher self, they still have a big impact. They may send you thoughts of guidance or particular energies that may help you along your journey. They may also protect you from any forces, influences or situations that they feel may stop you from following your life path. Essentially, they ensure life goes as it’s supposed to go and that the Divine’s will is always enacted. For instance, if you plan to drive somewhere today, but there is a possibility that a car crash may happen that may kill you, and you are not supposed to die yet, your spirit guides and guardian angels may try to put thoughts in your mind that stop or delay you from driving. If you ignore these thoughts, they may put thoughts in your mind to take a different route to the one you planned to take. If you ignore those thoughts and continue driving, they may then send you energies that encourage you to take a break for a while, or energies that affect your car in some way to force you to stop driving. They are doing many things like this all the time, and it is often a very thankless job as most people are unaware that all this is happening or that they even have spirit guides or guardian angels.

With all these guidance systems making sure that your life is going as it’s supposed to, you can drop any fears or anxieties you have about the future. All you need to focus on is what will bring you joy in the present moment. It also helps to be aware of the thoughts in your mind and to be able to distinguish between your ego’s thoughts and the intuitive thoughts your higher self and guides and angels send you. Your ego’s thoughts are loud, logical thoughts based on fear of the future, while intuitive thoughts are often gentle, spontaneous and illogical, and will usually only relate to the present moment.

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