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If You Feel Trapped

Updated: May 2, 2023

Greetings beloved being of love and light. Many people come and tell me that they feel trapped in a situation and they don’t know how to get out. But upon further investigation, I find that they are not trapped at all. There is ALWAYS a way out of a situation where you feel trapped, without exception.

A person may feel trapped if they find themselves in a situation that they want to free themselves from, but they don’t see how. However, the truth is that people know very well how to free themselves from their situation; the only thing that is standing in their way is their own fear. Out of fear of what may happen if they valued and loved themselves enough to free themselves from their suffering, they remain captive. And a person fears what may happen if they free themselves because they don’t trust that life will have their back if they do.

A soul chooses to experience a situation where it feels trapped so that it learns to stand up for itself, to value its own freedom, to overcome fear, and to trust life. But people allow themselves to remain captive, in a victimhood mentality where they believe they are trapped, because it is the easier option. It justifies their lack of effort or growth. People hope that one day the outside situation will change so that they no longer feel trapped. But in most cases, this doesn’t happen because life is always trying to help you to become a more advanced soul. If someone came in and saved you from your situation, or if something happened so that you are no longer in that situation, then you will not have learned anything.

But no one or thing is coming to save you; you must save yourself. You must realise that a life feeling trapped is no life at all, and that it is worth the risk to stand up for yourself and your freedom, and to trust life despite your fear. No one (and I encourage you to prove me wrong on this) has ever stood up for themselves and regretted it — the only thing they may have regretted is not doing it sooner. Yet those who never stood up for themselves and their freedom always regret not doing so. To free yourself from a situation, you must overcome some sort of fear, usually the fear of death, the fear of the unknown, or the fear of being alone. The energy of fearlessness is already within you, waiting to come out, but people usually do a very good job of suppressing it. If you don’t suppress it, that fearlessness will come out naturally and guide you out of your situation. In this way, you already have the tools you need to overcome your challenge, you just need to use them and not hide them away.

I will give you a couple of common examples to help you apply all of this. Often, people feel trapped in a loveless relationship with their partner, but they feel they can’t get out of the relationship because of the fear of what people may think of them, or the fear of living life on their own, or the fear of not having enough money to survive. And so people end up staying in these relationships, which often become very toxic, out of convenience and/or laziness. They complain about their relationship to others and make out that there’s nothing they can do about it so that their egos feel like a victim. But they could very easily end the relationship and start an independent life; and they know very well that this is what they truly want to do. But it is their fear that prevents them from doing so — they don’t want to admit this, so they try to convince themselves and others that they are trapped. They willingly volunteer to continue with their suffering because it is the easier option. It is bizarre if you think about it, but such is the behaviour of the ego.

Another common example is when a son or daughter feels as if they have to be in a close relationship with their parents, but they really don’t want to be. Perhaps they argue a lot with their parents, usually because their parents try to control them, or their parents are projecting their own negative emotions on to them. But people often stay in these toxic relationships because they fear not having the financial support of their parents, or they fear feeling some sort of guilt in the future for cutting ties, because we have all been programmed to believe that it is wrong to do such a thing. Of course, one could just move out of their parent’s house and/or never speak to their parents again, but this requires fearless action, and most people prefer to take the easier option of suppressing their true feelings in order to play happy families. And they try to convince themselves and others that they are trapped in this situation and there’s nothing they could do about it.

Remember, the thought or feeling of being trapped is a LIE, even in extreme situations, such as if someone is physically trapped in a room, and they may even be abused into compliance and obedience somehow. Even they have a way out; to stand up for themselves and not obey the person trying to have power over them. Yes, they may die as a result of doing so, but their soul would have learned the valuable lesson to value themselves enough to not be anyone’s slave, and these lessons will help them in future lives. If one simply obeys someone out of fear of death, one does not grow at all. To come out of this situation a more advanced being, one must overcome their fear of death and risk it all for freedom.

I assure you that from my experience, as well as the experiences of many people that I have encountered, life will always support you if you make the decision to value and love yourself enough to free yourself from suffering. Ask yourself, “Has life ever not supported me when I allowed the energy of fearlessness to come out and declare my freedom?” Of course not, so there is no reason to fear anything. Free yourself and prove me wrong. You are not trapped and you can get out of your situation right now if you so choose. Not another second needs to be spent in suffering. And you’ll find that as soon as you stand up for yourself and for your freedom, you will feel as if a huge weight has been lifted off your shoulders, and you will feel so empowered, that it no longer matters what happens next.

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