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Influences From Positive & Negative Entities

Many people have come to me and said they think they are being heavily attacked by negative entities and they want to know how they can protect themselves. So, I want to take this opportunity to discuss what are positive and negative entities, what do they want, and how do they influence us. I will also explain how to protect yourself from negative entities.

Firstly, let us discuss each type of entity and what their aims are. Negative entities are higher-dimensional beings that follow the service-to-self path. Their aim is to keep other beings in the universe in a low vibration and under their control. They try to keep as many beings as possible at a low vibration because they cannot survive among high vibrations. They are no match for beings of light who vibrate high, and so for them to survive and have control over others, they must ensure that others vibrate at a low level. They want control over other beings because they are on the service-to-self path, and so they seek power in order to serve themselves. As they are usually fourth density beings or higher, it is easier for them to try to seek power over third density beings (like us) than to seek power over other beings of their density.

To fulfil their mission of keeping us in a low vibration, they do what they can to stifle our spiritual progression. When third density beings are unaware of their divinity and do not believe that there is anything outside of the material world they can perceive with their body’s five senses, they vibrate at a low level and become more prone to manipulation and control. Negative entities stifle human spiritual progression at both a personal and collective level.

They influence us personally by affecting our thoughts. The mind is a transmitter and receiver of energy. It translates incoming energy into thoughts, and it can also translate our thoughts into outgoing energy. By sending us certain frequencies of energy, they can implant certain thoughts in our minds, and these are often thoughts that can trigger our egos to carry on the thought stream until we end up experiencing low vibrational emotions. Remember, our emotions are just our body’s energetic responses to our thoughts. Usually, all these negative entities need to do is implant a trigger thought, and then our egos do the rest. These negative thoughts and emotions keep us at a low vibration, and, just like we get light energy from the foods we eat, these negative entities feed off our low vibe energies. This is why negative entities will latch on to anyone they can easily keep in a low vibe, such as those that have experienced a lot of emotional traumas in their lives. An added bonus is when they can manipulate humans to say and do things that will keep other humans in a low vibe as well. This allows these negative entities to enjoy a big feast of low vibe energies.

These negative entities stifle our spiritual progression on a collective level by infiltrating all systems and levels of authority on this planet. They target those humans that are more inclined to be on the service-to-self path. They then help them get to positions of power, authority or influence, whether it be in government, big corporations, the entertainment industry, mainstream media, religions, the education sector, or scientific industry. These entities therefore act like spirit guides, guiding the service-to-self humans to these positions. As these humans follow the guidance of the negative entities, they start to reap the rewards of their new positions, such as power, fame, status and money. These rewards please service-to-self humans, and so these humans learn to trust the guidance they are receiving. Most of these humans are completely oblivious to the fact that they are being controlled by negative entities. In fact, many of them believe they are just following their intuition, and some even believe that God is guiding them. All the negative guides to the service-to-self humans in influential positions work together to guide these humans to enact negative agendas around the world that keep humanity in a low vibration and unaware of who they truly are. As we incarnate on this world and grow up being indoctrinated by these negatively-influenced systems, we develop a false illusory set of beliefs about ourselves, the world, and reality itself. These set of beliefs act as a program in our minds, known as the ego. This ego, this set of false beliefs, is what controls most of our thoughts, emotions, actions and words. Negative entities then only need to plant one thought into our minds, and then our egos do the rest of the work, keeping us in a low vibe long after the trigger thought was implanted.

In contrast, positive entities are higher-dimensional beings who wish to help us spiritually grow. They want to help raise our vibration, help us remember who we really are, and help us discover our innate power. They want to help us because they are on the service-to-others path. Their greatest joy is serving others on their spiritual journey. They also know that they can increase their vibration by helping others increase their own vibration, as they have realised that all beings are energetically connected. They help us in similar ways to the negative entities. They try to implant certain thoughts in our minds that they hope will help us on our spiritual journeys, and perhaps lead to actions or words that may help others as well. However, they also send other types of energies that we ask for and are open to. For instance, when you ask the Universe or God or a certain saint or angel for healing, these positive entities will send you the appropriate energies to catalyse your self-healing, and as long as you allow these energies to help you, you will be healed. These positive entities serve the Creator and are the ones that selflessly answer your prayers. Any time you need help with anything, you can always call on a positive entity. There is no prayer that goes unanswered.

I will give you an example of how positive beings helped me early in my life. I was around 11 years old and I had done something I really wasn’t proud of. I regretted my actions and I was really suffering from guilt that just wouldn’t go away. I was a Christian at that point in time, and so one night, I asked God for forgiveness. I suddenly felt this wave of energy hit me, and this energy just forced me to suddenly cry uncontrollably. Then, after a few minutes of crying, I felt a huge weight off my shoulders. I no longer felt guilty, and I felt like I was completely forgiven. What I only relatively recently realised had happened was that this energy was forcing me to release the negative energy of guilt that I was carrying around. Once I had fully released all the guilt, I was no longer emotionally tied to the action I had done in the past, and I forgave myself. This is just one example of assistance I have received from positive higher-dimensional beings.

Negative entities don’t tend to send us energies other than ones that can be translated into thoughts by our minds. This is because most of us do not consciously ask for help from any negative entities, and so we would not be open and accepting of any energies they send us. It would be a waste of energy for them as they wouldn’t affect us. However, some people who are on the service-to-self path are very aware of negative entities, and actually ask these entities to do them favours. For instance, throughout history, there have been magicians, musicians and government officials who ask for the help of negative entities with their work. The negative entities help them so that these people can get to positions of influence, and in return for their help, they demand certain actions to be carried out. These actions are usually to help manifest the negative agendas of these entities on Earth. This is the meaning of selling one’s soul to the devil.

So, we end up having so many thoughts in our minds. Some are directly given to us by negative entities, many are our ego’s thoughts, and some are from positive entities. These constitute all the thoughts in your mind that are not made consciously. Any time that you are not in full control of your thoughts, it means you are being influenced by one of these three sources. You would think it would be easy to determine what source each thought comes from, but the confusion arises because all thoughts sound the same in your mind. Any thought you experience is heard as your actual voice. This is why most people go through life believing all the thoughts they experience are theirs. The great majority of thoughts you experience are actually your ego’s thoughts. The ego’s thoughts tend to fill any silences and are almost permanently working in the background of your mind. These thoughts are just automatic outputs of the ego mind program, and one of these thoughts will then lead to another and then another and so on. They follow a linear sequence.

The classic portrayal of a devil on one shoulder and an angel on the other is a simple illustration of the influences from positive and negative entities.

However, you know when certain thoughts are from higher dimensional beings because they are sudden and random in nature. Whenever you get a sudden negative thought that comes out of nowhere and is unrelated to your previous thoughts or what you are doing, then this thought comes from a negative being. If you get sudden inspiration or wisdom or words of comfort that come out of nowhere, these thoughts are from positive beings. The main way you can tell the difference between thoughts from a positive entity and those from a negative entity is the nature of those thoughts. Are they thoughts that promote a victimhood mentality or do they empower you to take control of your reality? Do they encourage anger at others or do they inspire you to help others? Are they based on separation or oneness? Do they incite fear or love?

I hope you can therefore understand the importance of being aware of every single thought you experience. By becoming more aware of each thought, you can consciously decide which thoughts you wish to focus on, and which ones you do not want to give your energy to. In this way, you can immediately stop any thought from lowering your vibration, and you can only focus on the ones that keep your vibration high. But you can only do this once you have accepted that all these thoughts are not actually yours, and you are just the observer of these thoughts. Treat your mind like a TV screen, and thoughts are like programmes and adverts on the TV. When there is an advert you don’t like, you just don’t focus on that advert and focus on something else. When there is a programme that you like, you can put your focus on that TV programme. But if you believe you are the TV rather than the observer, then you will have no control over the thoughts that enter your mind.

It is also important to be consciously aware of your vibration at all times. When you feel that your vibration is low or lowering, it means you are indulging in negative thoughts. This would be a good time to close your eyes, take some deep breaths, and either detach from all thoughts by getting into the zero-point state, or consciously have more positive thoughts (e.g. by thinking about things you are grateful for). By doing this exercise, you break the spell that these negative thoughts have on you. But if you do not regularly check on your vibration, you spend the great majority of your day unconsciously giving away your energy to negative thoughts and emotions, keeping you in a low vibe. I’ve said it before many times and I’ll say it again — the spiritual journey is all about you gaining back control over your thoughts, emotions, actions, words, vibration, and reality. As long as you are not in control of your life, you will not find true happiness, peace, love and joy. Yes, it is a difficult journey, but it is also extremely rewarding.

If you do feel you are experiencing a lot of influence from negative entities, then the best thing you can do is to visualise a protective sphere of bright love/light around you. Do this first thing in the morning, and set the intention that this sphere of love/light prevents any negative entities, energies or influences from affecting your thoughts, emotions and vibration. Then ask your higher self to ensure that this sphere of love/light is fully functional and effective throughout the day. If a negative entity somehow does get through this barrier of protection, immediately do something that increases your vibe and this entity will go away. So this could be as simple as taking some deep conscious breaths, or thinking about what you are grateful for, or joking around with your friends, or doing some exercise. You could also send love/light to those negative entities that are trying to influence you. They will not be able to withstand any of these techniques. Remember, you are far more powerful than these negative entities.

However, the best way to ensure negative entities never even try to influence you is by spiritually awakening. As you progress on your spiritual journey, you gain back control of your life, and you increase your vibration. As you change your beliefs to ones that are more positive, free and empowering, you reprogram your ego, and the majority of your thoughts become positive. With more positive thoughts, you experience more positive emotions. And when you have less limiting beliefs, you allow more love/light to enter your being. Negative entities will do all they can to try to stop or slow down your progression, but eventually, there comes a point on your spiritual journey where you reach a high enough vibration that negative entities do not dare to even come near you. The love/light that you radiate will be too strong for them to even be around, and they know that even if they could somehow still manage to implant a thought in your mind, it would be futile as this thought would stick out like a sore thumb in your mind, and you would easily be able to detach from this thought. At this point, they no longer view you as a viable energy source and they leave you alone.

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