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Is It OK To Lie To Save Someone From Getting Hurt?

Updated: May 2, 2023

Greetings beloved beings of love and light. I have noticed that many people tell lies or conceal the truth because they feel the truth would hurt others. But is this the best thing for everyone?

In a world where everyone lives a life based on illusions and lies, the truth is always going to be uncomfortable. Because people have been so used to “convenient” and “comfortable” lies for many lives, it is much easier to stay “blissfully” unaware. But, of course, hardly anyone is experiencing bliss. The reality is everyone continues to believe in lies because the truth shatters their whole belief system. But why is this a bad thing? Because people are associated with their beliefs about who they are, how they relate to the world, and how the world works. To experience a complete shattering of your beliefs is to experience an ego death. All you know is thrown out the window, and you realise you don’t know anything. This greatly wounds the ego, and so the ego is always going to resist the truth in a world based on lies.

People say they want the truth, yet when you tell them the truth, they experience negative emotions and blame you for their emotions. And because most of us do not love ourselves (because we do not know who we truly are), we look for love and acceptance from others. So, naturally, we are going to want to do what we can to ensure people don’t feel like we have hurt them, so we often tell white lies. And when we do tell the truth, we often sugar-coat it and say it “diplomatically” so that the other person experiences the least amount of hurt. But often we sugar-coat the truth so much, that it no longer is the truth, and it just turns into another white lie.

At first look, it might not seem to be the worst thing in the world to lie so that everyone gets along. But what this does is it creates a society where everyone is not being genuine, and everyone is constantly telling lies to each other. While everyone gets along much more easily this way, all our connections are based on lies. How many people can you honestly say you can be completely yourself with, without having to filter what you say, or change the way you want to say things? Think about it for a second — why don’t we all just express our truth all the time? What’s the worst thing that would happen? It may trigger negative emotions in others. People may not like us. And why do we view this as a bad thing? Because we do not love ourselves, so we look for love from other people. Because you have forgotten who you are, you are making disingenuous connections in order to be liked and accepted by others.

When you remember who you truly are, you will discover permanent, unconditional inner love, joy and peace. Then you just express your truth without a care as to how people react to it. It is no coincidence that all enlightened teachers who were on this Earth had so many people who hated them — for the simple reason that the truth they were expressing was damaging people’s egos. It was waking people up, but for your ego to exist, you need to stay asleep, so people’s egos greatly resisted these teachers. People wanted to stay asleep because it was all they knew. To wake up is to enter the realm of the unknown, and this makes people’s egos uncomfortable. I’m sure many of you who are reading this have experienced people’s negative reactions whenever you express your truth. Those people are simply unwilling and not yet ready to wake up. They prefer to continue dreaming, even if the dream is a nightmare, because it is a familiar nightmare.

However, you will not remember who you truly are without being able to express your truth. You will not discover enlightenment by telling white lies all the time. This is because every time you tell a white lie or don’t express your truth when you really want to, it causes a blockage in your throat chakra. And if there is a blockage in any of your chakras, you will not discover enlightenment. What’s more, when you don’t express your truth, whatever you wanted to say out loud now festers in your mind. The voice in your head continues mulling over what you wanted to say, making your mind even busier. If you think about it, the voice in your head is everything that you want to say out loud but don’t. When you always express your truth no matter what, you will experience less thoughts in your mind, which makes it easier for you to go beyond your mind to discover who you really are.

It is important to understand that people’s reactions to you expressing your truth is their problem, not yours. The truth just is, and you are simply the messenger. You are not the cause of their anger and sadness; the cause is their own resistance to the truth. Yes, you may not be liked by many people, and you may be ostracised, but is this not better than having fake connections? And with more alone time, you have less distractions and more time to yourself, which will help you remember who you truly are. Then you will find within you what you have always been looking for.

When I talk about expressing your truth, I am not talking about expressing opinions and beliefs. These are not truths. You can only believe in something if you don’t know the truth. And opinions are based on the mind’s programmed judgements and preferences. I am talking about the truth you have come to know from within yourself and from your experiences. It doesn’t mean you have to go around preaching to everyone. But whenever you are in an interaction, and you have an inner urge to express your truth, remove all resistance to this urge and let your truth flow out. I am not talking about sharing things out of emotion, but from a calm state of being. How people react to you sharing your truth will be their call. Will they appreciate your perspective and experiences which may help raise their vibration, or will they resist what you say and get angry? At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter; you did your part by offering the opportunity for them to raise their vibration.

However, not only is it important for you to express your truth, it is equally as important for you to allow other people to express their truth. And remember that any emotional reaction you have to someone expressing their truth is not their fault; it is caused by your ego’s resistance to what they are saying. When people feel they can express their truth openly without the fear of someone projecting negative emotions at them, we will be able to live in a world based on truth rather than illusions, and the connections we will have with each other will be real.

I have had several dreams of what the new 5D Earth will be like, and one of the biggest differences I saw was that no one lied and everyone was authentic and genuine, and the connections we had with each other were much deeper and more real. It was a great feeling. It felt so freeing to experience a society like this. No one judged each other and so everyone felt comfortable telling the truth all the time. It therefore became clear to me that in order for us to move to that new Earth, we need to be more genuine with each other. In fact, the timeline of this whole ascension process we are experiencing depends entirely on people’s willingness to search for, and accept, the truth. If you keep your truth hidden from others, you are not doing anything to speed up the ascension process. But if you always express your truth when you feel you want to, then you create the opportunities to speed up our collective ascension process.

Ultimately, expressing your truth is always beneficial to all in the long run. If you tell lies or conceal your truth, it becomes very difficult to keep on top of all the lies. It gets very complicated. Why not save yourself all that hassle by just expressing your truth? Telling the truth is always simple, and people always appreciate someone who expresses their truth, even if this appreciation is not obvious. They may resist you at first, but over time, they will learn that they prefer to be given the truth straight away than to be fooled by a liar for a long time.

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