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Life Requires No Sacrifice From You

Updated: May 2, 2023

From birth till death, we are constantly told that we need to make sacrifices. When you are a child, you are told to sacrifice your playfulness and your desire to have fun in order to get good grades in school. When you are a young adult, you are told to sacrifice your time and energy in order to climb up the ladder at work and develop your career. As an adult, you are told to make sacrifices in order to have a good retirement. As a parent, you feel you need to sacrifice your life for your children. Religions teach you to sacrifice this life for the next one. Governments tell you that the population needs to make sacrifices for the next generation. And this has been going on for centuries; everyone is constantly sacrificing, but for who? And for what? When will these sacrifices end?

I’m here to tell you that life requires no sacrifice from you. ‘Sacrifice’ is a man-made phenomenon; it is not a part of natural reality. Sacrifice is a way to stop you living life for yourself, and instead live it for others. Sacrifice is a way to stop you following your heart and enjoying your life now, in order for the promise of some kind of ‘better’ future. Sacrifice forces you to believe that someone or something is more valuable, more worthy, than you are. All this sacrifice leads to people wasting their life and not being able to live how they want to. All this sacrifice leads to people focusing on the future rather than the now. All this sacrifice gets people to believe that other people’s lives, even the lives of people who haven’t been born yet, are more important than their own. This is all sheer nonsense. What about you? What about now? What if there is no future? Anyone who asks you to make sacrifices is trying to manipulate you. They are trying to use your love for others in order to control you in a certain way. They are trying to get you to fear the future so that, out of your fear, you act a certain way now.

You see, it is all about energy. The more you focus on anything but yourself and the present, the less likely you are to spiritually awaken. I want to help you return all this focus and energy that you have been putting into the future or towards others back to the here and now, and back to you. You are worthy. You are valuable. You are important. The creator wants to experience a particular life through you. With your birth came permission from the Divine for you to live how you want to live. Do what brings you joy, it’s that simple. Live as if there may not be a next moment. Society has made you believe that this way of living is selfish, but this is nonsense. Life is geared up to provide for the needs of all beings. Yes, it is true that life is not geared up to fulfil everyone’s egoic desires, but desires and needs are two different things. You will always have what you need when following your heart. The answer isn’t to make sacrifices so that everyone can continue fulfilling some egoic desires. The answer is for us all to transcend egoic desires. The answer is for us to stop following the guidance of our minds and only follow our hearts. The Creator would not create you and guide you to follow a certain life path without giving you the means to follow that life path.

Life also requires no compromises from you. ‘Compromise’ is another dirty word. It is a way to reach an outcome which does not really completely satisfy anyone, all in the name of fairness. All parties must make some kind of sacrifice in a compromise. It tries to please everyone, but it ends up pleasing no one. Compromise is just a sign that one or more of the parties involved are not aligned with the Divine. The Divine does not guide beings to be in conflict with each other. The Divine does not guide people to contradict each other. The Divine’s will is for all to work in unison for the highest good of all. The Divine wills for complete harmony. When the Divine guides someone to do something, it does not then guide someone else to stop them or to oppose them. But because most people are aligned with their egos, and because all egos are self-serving, the process of compromise was established. If everyone was aligned with the Divine, only the Divine’s will would be achieved, and the Divine’s will is one, in contrast to the several wills of different egos. There would be no need for compromises.

The next time you feel you want to do something and it is met with opposition or resistance from others, ask yourself this: are you following your heart or your mind? Are you trying to fulfil an egoic desire or accomplish a longing ignited by the Divine? If you find yourself aligned with the Divine, there is no need for you to make any compromises. The Divine’s will is always achieved in the long-run. Yes, in the short-term, there will be egos that will oppose and resist you, but you have the Divine on your side while those egos do not. If someone has a problem with what you are trying to do, then that means they are trying to oppose the Divine, and this is, of course, a losing battle for them. Hold your position in trust that the Divine’s will is going to be achieved. You are not the one causing issues; issues are caused by those who are not aligned with the Divine.

Thank you.

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