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Responding To Ascension Energies

Today I wish to talk about solar flares. What are they? And how is it that we respond to them? If you do not already know, the sun is sending many solar flares, more than has ever been sent to earth before in earth’s history. These are gifts of high-vibrational light energy. And we are receiving many energies, not just from the sun, but from many different sources in the universe to help us with the ascension of our collective consciousness from the third dimension to higher realms.

When we receive these injections of energy, as I like to call them, when we allow these energies within our being, they then start a transformation within us. The first step is to allow these energies into your being, and you allow by relaxing, by setting the intention to open yourself up to these energies, by inviting the energies, by not resisting them, and by conscious breathing. When you are constantly doing something, constantly active, perhaps you are not spiritual at all or you have no idea what’s going on at the moment within the world, or if you’re in fear, if you’re focusing on other things, on your goals, then you block these energies temporarily from entering into your being. However, when you accept them and allow them and actually consciously call for these energies, they then start a cleansing, a complete transformation, within you.

When you accept these energies into your being, they first enter your root chakra, and then this energy, if you allow it, will rise up, and the more injections of energy you allow in your being, and the more you allow them to rise up within your chakra system, the more cleansing you experience, and the more your vibration will be raised. And this is how these energies are helping you ascend.

Now, this does not mean that these energies will be comfortable. In fact, they are initially often very uncomfortable. This is because these injections of energy force themselves up your chakra system, and in order to do so, they must highlight and amplify any blockages, which are caused by suppressed emotions and negative beliefs, as well as any overactivity within any of your chakras. These energies therefore force you to deal with things within you that are not of a high vibration, much of which you were not aware of, so that you can correct any imbalances within your chakra system.

So, when you receive an injection of energy and it starts off in your root chakra, any fears that you have will be amplified as a result. And so you must then learn to look at what negative beliefs are behind those fears and to drop or change those beliefs. And if you allow that energy to rise, it then moves on to the sacral chakra. Now, if you have an overactive sacral chakra, if you are spending a lot of energy from your sacral chakra on lustful thoughts or on sex, then this energy will amplify it. And this is why you may have been experiencing an increase in your sex drive. Ideally, you will not project this energy outwards or try to suppress it or resist it, but simply allow it then to continue rising. This energy rises naturally; you do not actually have to do any sort of effort to make this energy rise. You simply need to allow and relax and not project this energy outside of you. But even if you continue to project outwards like you usually do, the increased amount of energy flowing through you ensures that some energy at least manages to rise up. You will find it harder and harder to resist this energy. After the sacral chakra, the energy then rises to the solar plexus chakra. Once the injection of energy reaches here, you may start to experience restlessness and/or a very active mind. To make the most of this energy and waste as little of it as possible, you must take time to be still and silent. Detach from all thought. Just observe your thoughts without investing any energy into them. By doing this, you allow more energy to rise to the upper chakras.

As the energy rises through the first three chakras, it helps you cleanse out all the suppressed emotions and negative beliefs you have had within you. Think about all those emotions and feelings you have suppressed throughout your life and previous lives — they are all being brought to the surface so that you can transmute them. This is why many people may feel uncomfortable and disturbed as a result of these injections of energy, but they are all for our own good. They’re helping us to speed up our spiritual awakening and transformation so that as many of us as possible can make this ascension window.

If you do not waste all this extra life force energy, or light, that is being gifted unto you by projecting it all out from your first three chakras, then it will continue to rise to the heart chakra next. And this is when the energy starts to feel really pleasant. You may start to feel increased love for yourself or for others or for the planet or for the divine. Again, it is about not projecting this energy too much and not resisting it either, and in so doing, you allow it to rise again to the throat chakra. If the energy manages to rise up here, you may feel yourself being able to communicate your truth and wisdom to others more. But again, if you are talking too much, if you are imposing your beliefs on others, you waste a lot of that energy. Instead, allow as much of that energy as you can to rise up to the third eye chakra. When more life force energy rises to this chakra, you will start getting more intuitions and you may even start seeing into the higher dimensions. And if you allow that energy to rise even further to your crown chakra, you become more and more aware of your oneness with the divine.

This is the process that is known as the rising of the Kundalini energy within your chakra system. And there has never been an easier time for this process to happen within you. You’re being given all the tools, all these energies from all these different sources, and all that is required from you is to simply be open to these energies and allow them to transform you. Anything that needs to be released, release it. Anything that needs to be dropped, drop it. Anything that needs to be changed, change it. But don’t expel too much of this energy outside of yourself so that it can continue rising within your being to allow you to raise your vibration. If you only allow it to raise just to the fourth or fifth chakra, that’s absolutely fine because you will have raised your vibration up to the required level for fourth density. The main thing is to cleanse out the first three chakras, and then to allow the energies to help you activate your fourth chakra, which will help you feel love more often and for greater periods of the day. And love is the vibration required for fourth density.

Those who are not spiritually awake, who are in constant fear, who aren’t aware of what’s going on in the world at the moment; they are, to a large extent, blocking themselves from receiving these energies. And so they are giving themselves less opportunity, less of a chance, to make this ascension window. However, even these people sometimes relax, be it only for a few short moments of the day, and this will allow some of the solar flare energies to enter their being. And the last two years have forced people to be less busy and relax more - are you able to see the higher perspective of this “pandemic” now? These people will feel the most uncomfortable as a result of these energies because they haven’t started the spiritual work on themselves, and so there is much to transmute and much spiritual work that needs to be done for them to be able to ascend. Therefore, they may become very agitated. You may see many of these people acting very strangely. They may suddenly try to control you or impose their beliefs on you, or they might try to overpower you in some way. They may direct much anger at you out of the blue. This is just a result of these injections of energy amplifying what is already within them in the hopes that they are made aware of these things and address them. But if they don’t do that spiritual work on themselves, they will project much anger, lust, guilt or fear.

However, it is our job as the awakened collective to first focus on ourselves and allow these energies to cleanse us and help us raise our vibration, and then to inspire others to work on themselves by being the examples and sharing our wisdom when asked. In this way, we do our part in aiding the collective ascension of mankind. These energy injections are gifts that we ought to be thankful for, and with each solar flare, we come closer and closer to fourth density.

Thank you.

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