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The 4 Names You'll Get Called By Others As You Spiritually Awaken

Updated: May 2, 2023

Greetings beloved being of love and light. As you spiritually awaken, you experience a profound transformation in a relatively short period of time. Your whole world gets turned upside down, and you become a completely different being as you heal yourself. Your old reality, including the people you surrounded yourself with before, used to match your old vibration. However, when you raise your vibration as you spiritually awaken, your old life is no longer aligned with you. There is therefore an inevitable transition period where you break away from your old way of life in order to make way for a new, higher way of life. The people you used to surround yourself with will notice how much you’ve changed, and because egos don’t like change, they are likely to call you certain names in order to try to get you to go back to how you were. But, of course, when you’ve started awakening, the train has already left the station, and there is no going back, and why would you want to go back anyway? These names can therefore cause initial frustration within you. I want to spend some time today to let you know what names you can expect to be called, explain why others will call you these names, and then talk about how best to deal with being called these names.

1) LAZY — The 3D ego way of life involves constantly busying yourself with things in order to avoid stillness and silence. In stillness and silence, you can remember who you truly are, and so, naturally, your ego (your false self) tries to avoid situations of stillness and silence by always pushing you to do things. Even when you are still, your ego will busy your mind with thoughts. A spiritual awakening is a journey to remembering who you truly are. Therefore, as you spiritually awaken, you are guided to spend more time in stillness and silence. These moments are when you can reflect on and learn from past experiences, when you can heal from the past by appropriately processing emotions, when you can observe your egos thoughts until they disappear, and when you can go beyond the body, mind and outside world to discover who you really are. Instead of looking for goals to achieve in the outside world, you direct much of your focus inward. The more inner work you do, the happier you will be. And the happier you are from within, the more comfortable you are with doing nothing, the less need you feel to constantly be doing things, the less seriously you take life, and the more playful you are.

When doing less things and playing more, other egos will call you lazy. Egos are so used to being busy and trying to constantly achieve things, and egos expect others to do the same. All egos contain the programming that one has to earn respect, that you are more respected when you do and achieve more, and that doing nothing is bad. Due to this programming, other egos will look negatively upon those who seem to not be doing much. By calling those people ‘lazy’, an ego hopes to push these people to meet its expectations of them by busying themselves.

2) BORING — As you spiritually awaken, the old ways you used to entertain yourself no longer align with you. You feel less of a need to constantly occupy your time and surround yourself with others, and you start to really love relaxing on your own. You also realise that many of the ways you used to entertain yourself were just tools to escape certain emotions, thoughts, or certain feelings like boredom and loneliness. By properly dealing with all these issues and finding happiness within, you no longer feel the need to escape things. So, you may find yourself no longer being interested in things like going out drinking, meaningless sex, and watching TV. Instead, you will likely start appreciating more relaxing and simple things, like going out in nature, meditating, learning new skills, gardening, painting, dancing and serving others in your unique way. You will be more in tune with energies, and so you will realise that many people you used to surround yourself with no longer have a positive effect on you, and you’ll feel that you’d rather spend time alone.

Of course, most people entertain themselves through drinking, TV, meaningless sex and socialising with others. And when you used to hang around these certain people, and you no longer enjoy doing those things, those people will notice the change and call you ‘boring’ to try to push you to meet their expectations by being ‘fun’ again. You are not actually boring; in fact, I find people who are spiritually awake way more fun as they take life less seriously and are more playful and joke about a lot more. Drinking, doing drugs, watching TV and feeling the need to constantly surround yourself with people does not make you fun; in fact, they are all signs of certain issues within you that require healing.

3) CRAZY/WEIRD — As you spiritually awaken, you break away from all programmed beliefs and find your inner truth. You no longer conform to societal norms and expectations, and you explore a unique life path that is quite different to what other people are used to. All our egos have been programmed to keep us all on very predictable, similar life paths. When you remember who you truly are and realise you are not your ego, you will undoubtedly no longer follow your ego programming, and instead follow your heart, which is guiding you to do something different. Again, because egos expect others to live life in a similar way to how it is living life itself, anyone that is different will disturb the ego. And from this disturbance, egos may call you ‘crazy’ or ‘weird’. Here in the UK, you may be called ‘different’ or ‘interesting’, which may not seem that bad initially, but ‘interesting’ or ‘different’ are usually seen as negative things in Britain. But I do not see these things as negative at all. In fact, I love being called different or crazy. Most people are very programmed and unhappy, so being called different or weird shows me I’m on the right track. Being called crazy in an insane world is a great sign.

Only crazy and weird people can be funny

4) SELFISH — As you spiritually awaken, you are guided to spend a lot more time on your own. You need this alone time to heal and raise your vibration. You have been so used to focusing on the outside world and giving away your energy all the time, but during a spiritual awakening, you are conserving your focus and energy so that you can raise your vibration. This is a time to really look after yourself. However, other people’s egos will notice this and will call you selfish. But why is looking after yourself seen as a bad thing? It is seen as a negative thing by egos because egos want you to meet their expectations of you, and when you do, they will reward you with conditional love and acceptance. So when you are not meeting another ego’s expectations, that ego calls you ‘selfish’ in order to push you to be “selfless” and meet that ego’s expectations. When you are constantly trying to please others, you do not please yourself. When you care about other people’s happiness above your own, you will not be happy. When you are giving away your energy to others all the time, you will have very little energy for yourself.

As you spiritually awaken, you use more of your energy to heal yourself, remember who you truly are, and discover inner happiness. When you discover true, permanent, inner happiness, you no longer look to meet other people’s expectations because you no longer need love and acceptance from others. Instead, you simply live live following your heart and joy. Egos want to control life, and so they create expectations and try to push others to meet their expectations. They are naturally going to resist anyone who risks life not going their way. And an awakened person is the biggest risk for egos. Therefore, it is understandable why egos resist those who are awakening, and they disguise this resistance by calling you ‘selfish’ as if you are being unloving.

But for you to truly help others in the best way possible, you must help yourself first, just like a person must put their oxygen mask first before helping others put on theirs. If you do not heal yourself, remember who you truly are, and find true, permanent, inner happiness, then how can you help others do that? All love is self-love because all is one, so for you to truly love another, you must first discover self-love, and one can only discover self-love when they spend more time alone and go within to discover who they truly are. In the long term, this is the least selfish thing you could possibly do, but egos obviously do not have this long-term foresight and look only at the short-term. Most people try to help others before they have helped themselves, and this has led to a society where the blind lead the blind. It would be extremely beneficial for our society if people were encouraged to be “selfish” and first help themselves in the way they want to help others.

As we have discussed, all these names are hurled at you due to an ego’s expectations of you. Egos want to control life, and that means they try to control you by pushing you to meet their expectations, and calling you these names are part of that control system. If you think about it, these names are only used to try to control someone — they are never used out of love. But remember that all of these attempts to control you are done subconsciously, on autopilot mode. It is people’s illusory egos that call you these names, not their true selves. By remembering who you truly are, you will realise who others truly are as well because all is one, so you can look into their eyes, beyond their words and actions, to see their true selves. Have compassion for these people as these are just other yous who are still asleep and following their programming.

If these names trigger you to feel frustration or sadness, it means you are still looking outside of yourself for love and acceptance. Continue your spiritual work, and you will eventually discover true, unconditional, permanent inner happiness. Then you will not care what other people call you. In fact, you will embrace all these names. So what if I’m boring, crazy, selfish, and lazy, at least I’m happy, alive and awake, and I love myself, others and all of life. I’d rather this scenario than to be deeply programmed, asleep and depressed. By fully surrendering to the Divine, you will never give in to any ego’s attempts to control you.

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