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The Final Stage Of The Spiritual Awakening Journey

Updated: May 2, 2023

Greetings beloved being of love and light. As many of you know, there are many hurdles you overcome as you awaken to who you really are. Today, I am going to talk about the final stage of this journey.

A spiritual awakening starts when a spark is triggered by the Divine within you. This spark is a calling to your ego to go within. Your ego, the illusory character you are playing, hears the call and wants to find out what this spark is. The spark gradually grows into a huge flame, giving your ego more motivation to go further within. But to go further within, you must peel off more of the layers of disguise that make up your ego. When you go within to find out the truth of who you are, all illusions must be dropped, and your ego is one big illusion. So, essentially, your ego embarks on a suicide mission as you spiritually awaken. The journey ends when you realise that who you truly are has always been there the whole time, and the ego you were playing was just a dream, a figment of your imagination.

Throughout that journey, there are many hurdles you need to overcome. You need to work through a lot of trauma and emotions. You need to bring awareness to your thoughts and beliefs so that they disappear. You need to bring your attention away from the past and future in order to be fully present. But there comes a point when your ego becomes extremely frustrated. It is frustrated because it has done all this work and hasn’t “achieved” enlightenment. “Where is all the happiness, peace and joy that I was promised?”, it thinks. This is because the ego cannot experience enlightenment. The closer you get to enlightenment, the more you realise that the ego is not real. Enlightenment can only be experienced in moments where your ego is no more.

When the ego starts learning about spirituality, it becomes impatient. Of course, when you have experienced suffering throughout your life, and you are told that at the end of the spiritual journey there is no more suffering, naturally, you are going to want to get to that finish line as quickly as possible. This impatience helps drive the ego to do all the spiritual work necessary to get closer and closer to the truth. But it gets to the point where impatience is no longer a help, and actually becomes the final hurdle itself. The ego is trying to take that final step, but it is as if there is a final door to open, and there is a sign on the door saying no egos allowed. It becomes frustrated. The ego does not realise that the root cause of your suffering is believing the ego is real.

Then there comes a sudden realisation that the ego was just an illusion, the door was just an illusion, the whole journey of forgetting who you were and then remembering again was just a dream, and you realise that the truth of oneness has been there the whole time. At that moment, all impatience is dropped because you realise that what you have been waiting for has always been there. And you realise that there was never an individual, separate “you”. There is only pure awareness/love. Then, in order to come back to the illusion, you put on those layers of disguise again so that you can continue playing your character. But this time, you know that this character is just an illusion, and that in reality, all is one. You now know that you are the actor rather than the character you are playing. Then life becomes magical. You stop taking life so seriously. You no longer fear anything as you’ve realised you cannot die. You allow yourself to just be playful and have fun by doing what you truly want to do within this illusion.

Learning does not stop there by any means, and you will still experience many challenges, but these new lessons and challenges will be of a different nature. Now that you have found the truth, you will feel that there is nothing else worth doing except to help others discover this same truth. You will find your unique ways of helping to guide people to go within so that they can remember this truth for themselves. This journey of helping others has its own challenges, but now that you have found permanent, unconditional, inner love, you will enjoy those challenges.

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