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The Path Of Surrender

The spiritual awakening path is a path of total surrender. That means dropping your beliefs, dropping your desires, dropping all your attachments, and in so doing, you surrender to the whole of existence, surrender to the divine. The path of surrender requires you to be like a log on a river, just going with the flow. And this is what you’re here to do. You’re here to experience the flow and not change the flow of the river. Now, this is not to say you should be passive and not do anything at all, but everything you say, everything you do, everything you think when you surrender will be in alignment with the whole as they will be straight from the divine.

All of the ego’s efforts are to resist life, to create desires, and to try to control life to meet these desires. It doesn’t simply accept and go with the flow. In fact, the ego’s very existence depends on these sorts of efforts; this resistance, these attempts to control, these desires. But when you simply accept life and go with the flow and not have any desires, which take you into the future, and you are simply present and are enjoying the moment and understanding what the moment is teaching you or showing you, your ego cannot exist. When you surrender, you, your individual desires, your individual ambitions, preferences, goals, they are all dropped, and you melt into the whole. You become one with existence. The idea of the ego is the illusion of a separate identity; an identity that is separate to the rest of the whole of existence. So, when you surrender and melt into the whole, you become one with the whole, and it is impossible for your ego to exist in those moments.

Now, the ego may think that it has managed to control life in the past to achieve certain desires, but this is only because these desires did not contradict with your life path. In fact, sometimes they were aligned. And so, this is why you experienced the fulfilment of those desires; it was not because of the ego’s efforts but simply because of your alignment with the whole in those times. The ego has never won in terms of trying to control life at all. The divine always wins with its plans for life; the divine’s will for creation is always enacted. The ego’s efforts are therefore futile. Yet we continue to create desires, we try to control life to fulfil those desires, and we resist life when we are not fulfilling ego desires. And it is this resistance that creates much suffering within us. If you simply go with the flow, accept life, trust existence, trust the divine, then there is no suffering. You will experience no suffering if you completely surrender.

It seems so simple. It sounds so easy. It seems like surrendering should be the most natural thing; to just relax and go with the flow. Yet we have all been conditioned to resist, to constantly create these goals and strive so hard to achieve these goals. And then even if we achieve them, they don’t bring us any sort of long-term happiness or satisfaction. And then we create new goals and then we strive towards them, and this goes on and on and on for several lifetimes, creating so much suffering within us whether we achieve these goals or not. But the path of surrender simply asks you to relax, allow creation to unfold, play your part in it when you are being guided to, but otherwise just experience, enjoy, and trust that it is all happening according to the divine’s will. Be in union with the whole, be present with no desires taking you to the future. It’s simple, but we have made it difficult for ourselves.

The path of surrender does require trust; trust in existence, trust in life, trust in the divine. You may ask, “How can I trust?… I cannot simply just relax and not do anything. I cannot just be, because this will happen, and this will happen” and all your fears will start playing in your mind. But these fears, if you think about it, are completely unfounded. They are not fears that are justified by your experiences. These are fears that have been conditioned into you. Look back on your life and you can see that you have always had what you have needed in the moment. So how can you say that “I will die” or “Something bad will happen if I just completely relax and surrender”? There is no evidence to back this up. Even your challenges are there for a reason; they are there to help you. If you haven’t learned lessons from these challenges yet then it means there is still some learning and contemplation to do on your part. And when you have learned the lessons and have grown from them, you realise that those challenges were exactly what you needed at those exact times. So if you look back on your experiences with unbiased eyes, you can see the evidence that existence, that the divine, can always be trusted. Just try it — try to go along with the divine flow, give up control, and give up resistance. You have tried the path of resistance and control and this has not led to anything positive, so why not try the path of surrender? Of course, this is scary at first. It is scary because your ego thinks that you need to make all these efforts because this “bad and scary” world is not going to take care of you. But in reality, the ego is just scared that it will cease to exist when you surrender. And that’s exactly what will happen.

So I present to you now that you have the choice to either continue trying to control and resist life, which creates suffering for yourself, or surrender to the inner flow within you, the inner guidance within you, the energy within you. Where is the energy within you taking you? And if there are periods when the energy within you is not taking you anywhere in particular, if it’s not asking you to do anything, then that’s absolutely fine. Periods of rest are absolutely normal. In fact, the times when you are not doing anything, when you are just being, those are the times when you can relax, that’s when you can have fun, that’s when you can contemplate your previous experiences and learn and grow from them, that is when you can receive even more energies, receive even more intuitions about future actions to take. Without periods of rest and relaxation and just being, these things would not be possible.

The path of surrender is the path of least inner resistance. As a result, you will find that the path of surrender is actually a lot easier to follow than the path of resistance and control. And any actions that you do take will be effortless. All efforts will cease because the one who makes efforts will be no more. But you need to take that first step to trust life. Show life, show the divine, that you are ready to trust, and existence will repay that trust. Surrender to that inner flow within you, accept existence exactly as it’s enfolding, with no desire to resist or change it, and in this way, you end all your suffering.

Thank you.

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