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The Reason People Are Obsessed With Money (It's Not What You Think)

Updated: May 2, 2023

Greetings beloved being of love and light. Have you ever wondered why most people are so obsessed with money? If it was just for survival purposes, then why are the rich even more obsessed with money than others? It is obvious that money doesn’t provide happiness, so why do we all spend so much time and energy throughout our lives trying to gain more money? What’s the point of it all? Why do we try to gain more money than we need? Why do people overwork themselves just to earn a slightly higher salary, even though they are left with very little time to actually enjoy life? And why do people love to show off their wealth and possessions? What is the obsession with buying extremely expensive items? I have always wondered these things; so much so that before my spiritual awakening, I went into the field of finance to try to make sense of it all. But it wasn’t until I spiritually awakened that I found the answers to all these questions.

Let’s start off with the reminder that love is all there is. This is not a whimsical, fantasy, lovey-dovey statement, it is a fact. I am not talking about the conditional, limited, short-term emotion of ego love that we are all so used to here on Earth. I am talking here about the oneness of creation. That oneness is unconditional, unlimited, permanent love. When you feel at one with something/someone, you will feel true love for them. However, because we have been taught to believe that we are our egos, we believe we are separate from each other, and so we don’t feel at one with each other. As a result, we have been taken away from experiencing true love for each other and all of life. In a world where most people are so heavily associated with their egos, true love is very rare. We may experience brief, occasional moments of connection/oneness with someone or something that allows us to experience true love, but we don’t experience true love for the majority of our lives.

We are beings of love that have decided to partake in this game of a world that is devoid of love. We long to experience true love as we long to remember our true nature. But since true love is rarely experienced on Earth, we have turned to an external, material, measurable substitute known as money. We have been subconsciously programmed into believing that money equals love. If someone loves what you do, they will give you money, and so the more money you have, the more loved you are by society. If your employer pays you more money, it means they love you more.

This is why people do what they can to earn as much money as possible; they believe that they are actually receiving more love. And this is the reason people flaunt their wealth and buy expensive things. They want to show everyone how loved they are by society. They may as well be holding up big, fancy signs saying “Look how loved I am”. The cause of materialism is not businesses and advertisements; the root cause is that we have forgotten who we truly are and we are craving to return home, to true love. Businesses unknowingly take advantage of this by advertising their products or services as things that will give you the love, peace, joy and bliss that you have always been looking for. And because most of us don’t know any better, we always believe the adverts, and so we continue to buy more and more products, yet we are still not happy, still not peaceful, still distant from love. Most business don’t know that they’re doing this because the people that work there are also unaware of who they truly are.

Because there is a finite amount of wealth in the world, the love substitute of money is seen as very valuable. If there was an infinite amount of wealth in the world, then money wouldn’t be nearly as valuable. However, if people simply earned enough money so that their needs are met and they are able to follow their life path, then there would be far better wealth equality around the world. But because we have been programmed to equate money with love, our egos are not satisfied with appearing like they are loved only a mediocre amount. Egos want to feel special, like they are better than others in some way, and that includes appearing like they are more loved than others. Hence, those who are more associated with their egos will be more obsessed with accumulating wealth. However, because wealth is finite in this world, the more wealth you accumulate that you don’t need, the more you deprive those who need it from getting that wealth. It is not really corrupt governments and corporations that are responsible for inequality; it is our collective association with our egos and our resulting, never-ending, selfish quest for more wealth.

People are attracted to those who seem to have more wealth because we subconsciously believe that these wealthy people are more loved by society than most. And because we want to also be loved, we subconsciously believe that being close to these wealthy people will allow us to receive more love. As a result, people like to create this image of themselves as wealthy, as popular, and as very desirable by the opposite (or same) sex. We hope that portraying ourselves as special in some way will attract the attention of other people, and we hope that this attention will turn to love. But any “love” that we receive in this way will only be conditional, limited and short-term.

The amount of money you have is based on what you do. It is not based on who you are. You have to earn this love substitute. And our society is designed to reward those who have more money, as if they deserve better treatment, better quality, better service. But true love is your true nature. You don’t have to do anything to earn it. And each person is equally loved, with no one more loved than another. This is why the question of “Do I deserve love?” is ridiculous. True love is your true nature. You just have to go within and explore yourself to remember who you truly are. Then you will not only realise you deserve love, you will not only realise that you are immeasurably loved, you will realise that you are love. That love that you have always been looking for from outside sources has been within you all along.

When we collectively disassociate from our egos and discover true love within ourselves, there will no longer be anything getting in the way of the free exchange of true love between us all. And in a world where everyone unconditionally loves each other, we would no longer value money as we would no longer need a substitute for love because we would have found the real thing. We would no longer need an external source of love such as money. Because we will have such a strong feeling of love within us, we would not need an external measure of how loved we are — we would already know how loved we are. We would no longer feel the need to flaunt our wealth to try to get attention. We will have remembered that we are all one, and so there would be no desire to try to prove ourselves as better than others, because there are no “others”. As a result, we would have an equal society. Everyone would be equally loved because we will have realised that no one deserves more love than others. If one person was struggling with something, we’d all help them because we’d have realised that they are just us in another body. And if someone is benefiting from something, they’d share it with everyone else as they’d want to help their other-selves.

If you want to live in such a beautiful world like this, I encourage you to first drop this obsession with wealth and go within to discover who you truly are, as this is the only way you are going to find the true love that you are longing for. You are loved so much, but you will not remember this if you are constantly looking outside of yourself for love, acceptance and validation. If you want to correct the inequality of this world, you must first disassociate from your own ego. The outside world is just a reflection of your internal world. If you believe some people are more worthy and deserving of love than others, then you will experience a world of inequality around you. And if you want to see less materialism in the world, you must yourself realise that you already have everything you need within you.

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