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The Role Of Psychedelics In Spirituality

Updated: May 2, 2023

Psychedelic substances are becoming a popular phenomenon, and, at the same time, humanity is experiencing a collective spiritual awakening. This is no coincidence. Psychedelic experiences are extremely enlightening. They help show you that there is much more to life than what you can normally perceive. They help you temporarily experience higher dimensions. However, taking psychedelics is by no means a necessity on the spiritual path. They can only act as useful tools at particular points on your spiritual journey.

Psychedelic drugs were made illegal by governments because, essentially, it was helping people see through the illusions of 3D reality, and those in power require you to be engrossed in 3D reality. Most people went along with the banning of psychedelics because they didn’t understand them, and we humans have been conditioned to fear what we do not know. But psychedelics have been used by spiritual societies around the world for millennia. Shamans in South America, Europe, Africa and Asia have often held ceremonies where they ingest psychedelic substances, or ‘teacher plants’ as they like to call them. They are called ‘teacher plants’ or ‘plant medicine’ because they can help teach you and heal you.

Psychedelics activate your pineal gland and third eye chakra so that you can see into the higher dimensions. You may begin to see geometrical patterns everywhere, or you may see everything moving as if everything is floating on water, or you may see vibrant colours, or you may even see higher-dimensional beings. People are often able to see how everything is all connected, and they may even have conversations with trees, stars, water or rocks. This can often be unsettling at first for those who have always thought that the material reality they usually perceive is all there is. But this unsettling can be a real trigger for helping people realise that there is much more to life outside of what they know, and is often what sparks people’s spiritual awakening.

In order to perceive these higher dimensions during your psychedelic trip, you must remove things within you that keep you held down in lower dimensions and that do not resonate with the higher dimensions. This is why participants in psychedelic ceremonies often must detox their bodies before ingesting the substances, and it is why many people purge at the beginning of their psychedelic journey. Your physical body must rid itself of any denseness before you are able to carry on with your trip. Then, you are guided to purge your mental and emotional bodies. Any fears, suppressed emotions, traumatic memories or negative beliefs will often be revealed to you during your psychedelic journey. These are often things you have suppressed or unconsciously avoided and resisted during your life, and so they are revealed to you during your psychedelic journey through visual experiences. This so that you can release all these negative things that are weighing you down. You are forced to become aware of these things during your psychedelic journey, and that is why these journeys can be extremely intense. It is through your awareness of these things that they are able to be transmuted and released. People also often receive intuitive guidance which will help them in their lives. Even though many people say that their psychedelic journeys were intense, after their journeys, they always say that they feel lighter and better, and that they now know what they need to work on. This is how they help us heal and learn.

For those who have worked on themselves a lot and do not have much to purge or release, psychedelic journeys can be extremely enjoyable. From my own experiences, it always feels like I am returning “home”; to the vibrations where I belong. I always laugh throughout my psychedelic experiences for no reason, and it always feels like I am bathing in oneness. But I always end the experience with the realisation of why I must come back to the lower dimensions and help others. I’m sure many of you reading this will have experienced something similar.

While psychedelics can be extremely useful in triggering one’s curiosity of the unknown, and can help you heal and purge, they are not a quick-fix to your life challenges. If you go back to living the same life with the same beliefs then the psychedelic journey will have been all for nothing. You must take what you have learned from the experience and apply it to your life. Psychedelics can also remind you of the sort of vibrations that you are working towards. But the point of spiritual tools is to help you get to a point where you no longer need those spiritual tools. You do not want to rely on them all the time, otherwise you will always feel lost without them.

In essence, everyone experiences exactly what they’re supposed to experience during a psychedelic journey in order to best help them at their particular stage of their spiritual journey. People can also somewhat influence what they experience during their trip by their intentions for the journey. Perhaps they intend to get advice on something specific, or to heal from something in particular. This is why no two people’s psychedelic journeys are the same, and it is why your psychedelic journey will be different to psychedelic journeys you have had in the past. Sometimes, plant medicine may not have any effect on someone for no apparent reason, even if they keep increasing the dosage. This is because it is not the right time for them to have a psychedelic experience. Perhaps they are not in the right environment, or perhaps they are not well prepared to handle the intensity and shock of a psychedelic journey. If your heart is guiding you towards a psychedelic drug then it will definitely work for you, but if your heart is not guiding you to take a psychedelic drug and you take it anyway, you may be blocked from experiencing any effects.

It is important to understand that just because you take psychedelics, it doesn’t mean you are spiritually advanced. You don’t spiritually progress just because you’ve participated in a psychedelic ceremony. They can only show you what you need to work on. In truth, your life experiences, inner feelings, emotions, intuitions and dreams are enough tools to help you understand what you need to work on at any point, but psychedelics can be appropriate if you feel stuck and do not feel you are getting much guidance from these other tools or from spiritual materials or teachers. Most importantly, psychedelics are NOT recreational drugs. They must be respected and not abused. They are not to be used as an escape from ‘normal’ life but as a tool to help guide you through ‘normal’ life. And finally, if you plan to take some of the more intense psychedelics, please, for your own safety, take them in the company of an experienced shaman, particularly if it’s your first time. They know what they are doing and they can really help you get the most out of your experience.

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