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To Daydream Is To Manifest

Updated: May 2, 2023

On the spiritual awakening journey, you will undoubtedly hear about manifestation. And you hear people tell you that you can bend creation, control creation, to fulfil all your desires. But this has led to manifestation losing its original meaning and its original purpose.

Manifestation is not about you fulfilling ego desires. Although sometimes you will be allowed to fulfil these desires through manifestation in order to show you that fulfilling these desires are not going to make you happy, especially not in the long-term. What many people do is they think of a goal to achieve, and then they use manifestation techniques to try to achieve that goal. And their happiness doesn’t actually come from the act of manifestation; it comes from only if they eventually experience in the physical realm what they’ve been trying to manifest. And a lot of the time you may have felt how trying to manifest things in this way is often boring, it’s often not very joyful, not very interesting. It’s often quite difficult and laborious, and it requires quite a lot of discipline and effort.

But it may surprise you to know that manifestation is never meant to be hard or laborious. The true essence of manifestation is not to try to control life, but to allow the divine to create through your mind. It is not about you putting in effort. It is about you getting you, the illusory you, out of the way so that the divine can create through your mind. It is not thinking of a goal and then trying to manifest that goal. It is about relaxing and just seeing what the divine wants to create through you. It is as if the divine is putting on a movie for you and you are simply here to enjoy watching it, and this is what daydreams are all about. Daydreams are moments when the divine is trying to manifest something through you. Whether it actually manifests in the physical realm doesn’t matter because, as I said, it’s a movie that is playing on in your mind, a movie that you didn’t know was going to come on, and you simply enjoy watching it. You enjoy experiencing it as if it’s real. And so it doesn’t actually matter whether it manifests in the physical realm or not. However, you will find that when you do daydream in this way, all these daydreams will eventually manifest as they are the divine’s will.

So many channellers and spiritual teachers talk about manifestation so much, and I’ve seen how this has led to people feeling like they need to constantly be manifesting just because they can. They have to manifest this, they have to manifest that. They feel like they have to think about different goals to achieve because now they have the means to achieve them. But just because you can manifest doesn’t mean you should be doing it all the time. When it is time for you to manifest, when the divine wants to create through you, you will know within yourself, you will get this inner urge to go into meditation and just allow the divine to manifest through you. And you simply relax and just watch what the divine is creating through your mind. You don’t need to put any effort in at all. You don’t actually need to do anything. This is the beauty of it. It’s easy. It’s joyful. And when there at times where there is nothing to manifest, when the divine does want to manifest anything through you at this time, then that is okay. You do not have to try and then manifest something. You can focus on other things. You can use your meditations for other things.

If you are trying to manifest something, ask yourself these questions: Is it effortless? Are you surrendering control of it to a higher power? Is it joyful? Those are the three things that you must ask yourself. If the answer to all those questions is yes, then you are allowing the divine to create through you. If the answer to any of those questions is no then it is surely your ego that is trying to create something. The spiritual path is not meant to be difficult. It’s not meant to be hard.

So, please do remember this next time you are thinking of manifesting something. And just know that it is okay to daydream. Society has conditioned you not to daydream, but daydreaming is what allows the creator to create through you.

Thank you.

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