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Why Men Chase After Women

Have you ever wondered why it is always the men that are chasing after the women and not the other way around? This is true within humans and within the animal kingdom, but why? Why is it not the other way round? And why am I talking about it today? Well, it may surprise you to know that there is a spiritual reason for this chase.

One thing must be understood first, and that is the difference between the feminine energy and the masculine energy. The feminine energy has always existed and will always exist. This feminine energy is still, it’s silent. It’s darkness, it’s pure consciousness. It’s pure unmanifested potential. And this feminine energy is perfect. There is nothing to say about it in terms of seeing it as imperfect. You can’t even truly express it in words as it is absolutely perfect. And only nothingness and unmanifested potential can be perfect. Now, feminine energy is unmanifested potential and it’s darkness; there is no creation within it. And so this feminine must create a different type of energy if it wants to experience any type of creation. And through creation, this feminine energy wanted to experience a journey of remembering itself. She wanted to play hide and seek with herself. And so it must create, firstly, an energy that gives the perception of individual forms in order to have a creation, a play, a movie. Secondly, this energy must naturally strive towards the feminine.

And so consciousness created light. Light is the masculine energy. Love can be said to be the feminine energy. So everything within creation is made out of light. Light can be used to give the illusion of individual forms, but everything within creation also has the feminine energy, which is the background, permeating energy within all of creation. So this is why, when it is said that you are a being of love and light, it means you are a being containing both light, which is masculine energy, and love, which is feminine energy. Now, this masculine energy by nature is imperfect because when it is used to create a material form, an individual form, whether that be planets, stars, beings, plants, animals, rocks; it is finite by nature. It is limited and it is prone to change or destruction. Well, destruction in the sense of massive change. And so this energy cannot be said to be perfect.

Now this is not a bad thing because there must be some motivation for this energy to strive towards the feminine. If the feminine energy is perfect, then the masculine energy must be imperfect. Only imperfection can strive to perfection. If the masculine energy was perfect, there would be no need for it to strive towards anything else. This masculine energy is visible, and it must penetrate into the invisible. The masculine energy is the known, and it must strive towards the mysterious. The active masculine energy must penetrate, must drive towards, the receptive feminine. The light must penetrate into darkness. Darkness cannot penetrate into anything. And so these two energies perfectly compliment each other. And the soul journey is all about starting off as a material form, and then gradually over time driving towards the ultimate, which is the feminine. This is the journey of remembering who you truly are. It is the masculine energy that gives you that natural action, that drive, towards the feminine. The feminine energy is all about being, all about stillness and silence, all about receptivity. It is not action. While the masculine energy is a goal-oriented energy, and the goal is to reach towards the feminine, and so it takes actions to strive towards the goal of the feminine. And this is exactly what you see as a physical representation when a male chases after a female, a masculine chases after a feminine.

By masculine, I don’t just mean a male physical form. In a heterosexual union, the physical male may embody more of the feminine energy, while the physical female may embody more of the masculine energy, and so the physical female may chase after the physical male, although this is not the norm. And within homosexual couples, it is always the masculine, the one who embodies more of the masculine energy, that chases after the one who is embodying more of the feminine energy. You will see in any couple that the masculine always chases after the feminine. If it is ever the other way round then there is something wrong and both parties know it. The relationship will not work. You hear men saying time and time again that they love the chase. And when it is the women that chase after them, they feel uncomfortable, and the women who are chasing feel uncomfortable as well. They both know something isn’t quite right. They know it deep within their being.

Have you ever noticed how the games of chase and hide and seek are universally-loved games? Not just among humans around the world but also in the animal kingdom as well, and my guess is they are played amongst our extra-terrestrial brother and sisters as well. Chasing or seeking awakens our masculine energy, and being chased or hiding awakens our feminine energy. Those who prefer hiding and being chased are more feminine, and those who prefer seeking and chasing are more masculine. Within each of us, the masculine energy, our soul, is searching for the feminine, our pure consciousness, and the games of chase and hide and seek are physical representations of this, and so is sex.

If you embody huge amounts of masculine energy compared to feminine, you’re naturally going to be attracted to someone who is embodying a lot more of the feminine qualities than the masculine, but if you’re more balanced, you’ll be naturally attracted to someone who is also more balanced. Over the course of the soul journey, you experience multiple incarnations as both genders, which gradually helps you become more and more balanced. This is why men used to be very masculine and women used to be very feminine, but in modern times, we have many women embodying more masculine qualities, and more men exhibiting more feminine qualities.

When we are looking for a partner, we are looking for someone who is of equal but opposite proportions to us. So, someone who embodies more of the masculine than the feminine is looking for someone who embodies more of the feminine in the same proportions. This is actually supposed to be an internal search, where we try to awaken more of the feminine or masculine energies within ourselves, but society has conditioned us to look for this perfect mate outside of ourselves. As a result, our long-term partners often reflect the inner feminine or masculine that we are looking for. But no matter how close we are to our partners, our souls remain unfulfilled, even amongst the most perfectly matched couples. This is because our partners remain outside of us. It is not some outside source that is going to fulfil your soul’s longing to unite with the feminine. Now, this is not to say that relationships are bad. You can view your partner as a close representation of your inner feminine or masculine, and they can help inspire you to awaken the qualities that are dormant within you. In this way, you can teach each other to become whole individuals.

However, as a human, no matter how much of the feminine qualities you exhibit, until you spiritually awaken, your life will have been mainly under the masculine energy’s control. Until now, negative entities have been very successful at directing your search, your drive, away from the inner feminine and towards fulfilling egoic desires. They have organised this world in such a way that you are kept too busy to ever question who you truly are. As you spiritually awaken, you gradually remember your feminine qualities. At the beginning of your spiritual awakening journey, you use your masculine energy for its intended purpose; to search for the inner feminine. However, there comes a point when all efforts, all goals, all doing must be dropped in order to fully remember who you truly are. And so, just before you attain enlightenment, you will be guided to drop your inner masculine, as it has served its purpose, in order to become completely receptive and still and silent. This is when the individual is no more, and the oneness of existence is realised. Once you fully remember your true feminine self, which is the One Divine Consciousness, you are then able to use the masculine energy rather than the masculine energy using you. In this way, you become a balanced being, but the masculine will ultimately be under the feminine’s control.

So the next time you see a masculine chasing after the feminine in the physical realm, let it remind you of your soul’s inner search. If you are against sex or condemn sex, you cannot say that you are spiritual because sex is just the physical representation of the union of masculine and feminine energies. Sex is simply the physical representation of our souls chasing the divine. So if you condemn sex, or are against sex, or resist sexual energy, you are also subconsciously against the spiritual journey itself. If you wish to know God, you will need to start off with sexual energy and let it rise up your chakra system. If you resist this sexual energy, it will not rise, and you will prevent yourself from remembering the Divine within you. Now I’m not saying that you have to have a lot of sex in order to be spiritual, but just don’t resist or condemn it. See sex as a beautiful, lower-dimensional symbol of your soul’s inner longing to unite with the divine.

Thank you.

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