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You Are Important

Updated: May 2, 2023

Greetings beloved being of love and light. Do you think that you are unimportant? Do you think life would be the same, whether you were in it or not? Do you think you have very little impact on the world around you? Nothing could be further from the truth.

Life is so perfectly designed, and everything is so divinely and intricately intertwined, that if one part of it was not there, the whole thing would be adversely affected. If you had some kind of machine or artwork that was perfect, if you removed just one part of it, it wouldn’t be the same anymore; it would no longer be perfect. It is the same with life — if one being was not there, life wouldn’t be the same. You are like a jigsaw piece in a huge jigsaw puzzle. You are like a petal on a flower. You are like a tree in a forest. You are like a bird in a flock. Without you, things wouldn’t be the same. Existence would be missing something. Things wouldn’t be right.

We are all unique manifestations of the one consciousness. Each being allows the Divine to experience all the other aspects of itself from a unique perspective. Each soul journey allows the Divine to take a unique path to remembering who it really is. No one has had the same experiences as you over the course of your soul journey. No one has experienced the universe from your particular perspective. And the Divine always wants to explore new perspectives of itself and new pathways to remembering who it really is. If the Divine didn’t want to explore your unique soul journey, you wouldn’t be here. You allow the Divine to find out more about itself — what an incredibly important role.

All beings in the universe are helping each other along their soul journeys so that we can all remember more and more of the truth of who we really are. We each play an important part in this grand play, whether we realise it or not. Each experience and interaction is an opportunity to learn something. And not only are you learning from your experiences with others, but you are also helping to others to learn as well. Without you, many other souls will be deprived of the opportunities to learn from certain experiences that you would have helped provide. And think of all the ways you intentionally help others now or have helped others in the past. Without you, all these people would not have been helped. You are probably not aware of the positive impact that some of your words and actions have had on others. Even just smiling at someone may have made their day. What’s more, did you know that you help higher-dimensional beings grow as well? These higher-dimensional beings are always looking for ways they can help us, and they learn from their experiences with us so that they can get better at being able to help others. You provide that opportunity for them.

If you think that you are just one small being and that you don’t really affect anything or anyone else, you are mistaken. We all affect each other with our energies. We are all energetically connected, not just with each other, but with the Earth, sun, other planets, other stars, and galaxies themselves. You have an electromagnetic field around you, and this electromagnetic field influences the electromagnetic fields of all other things and beings around you, which affect the fields of everything around them, and so on. Therefore, you are able to affect the whole universe with just your energy. Whether this influence is positive or negative is up to you, but you are still important either way. Your electromagnetic field can have extremely positive effects on the whole universe if you drop all negative beliefs, if you become aware of any negative thoughts until they go away, if you transform any negative emotions into positive energies by feeling those emotions fully, if you are always following your heart and doing what you love and what brings you joy, if you are intentionally helping others along their spiritual journeys in some way, and if you have discovered more of who you really are.

So, make no mistake, you are incredibly important, not just to me, not just to the other people in your life, not just to the world, but to the universe and the Divine itself. And remember, you are no less or more important than any other being in this universe.

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