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You Are Not An Inconvenience

Updated: May 2, 2023

In a world devoid of unconditional love, and in a world where people are so detached from their natural unconditionally loving nature, we end up spending our lives making such effort to please other people in order to get as much love from others as we can. But when we do get love from others, it is never true, unlimited, unconditional love because nearly everyone does not know what true love is.

We are always putting the needs of others before our own. Our main priorities are to please the other, and pleasing ourselves is not really seen as important. For many people, love is so rarely given to them that they no longer strive for love from others but just want to be accepted by others. And some people are treated so poorly by others, not receiving love or acceptance, that they simply just want to feel like they are not angering, frustrating or inconveniencing others. Their main aim in life is to simply displease as few people as possible.

I have realised more and more over the last few years how many of us have this subconscious belief that we are an inconvenience to others. We always feel like we’re in other people’s way. We are made to feel like we are to blame for other people’s discomfort or unhappiness. We always feel like other people would rather us not be there. No wonder so many people feel suicidal. This belief is one of the most hidden and deep-rooted beliefs within the human subconscious mind.

We feel like this because we believe we are unworthy. We lack self-love. We do not love ourselves because we do not know who we truly are. We have forgotten that we are a being of love, so we have created a false illusory identity, the ego, and associated ourselves with this identity instead. This ego is not a being of love, and so it seeks love from outside of itself. But this ego, by nature, is imperfect because it is based on illusions, and so this ego will never please everyone. Therefore, it is inevitable that you will encounter people that get frustrated or angered by your ego. Every ego is self-serving and so there will always be conflicts between your ego and the egos of others. If you please one ego, whether it is your own or someone else’s, you are bound to displease someone else’s ego at the same time. Your ego is based on a house of cards of illusions; it is so fragile and brittle. It is so sensitive to other people’s opinions. So when people project their negative energy on to you, you begin to feel unworthy, unlovable, and you feel like an inconvenience.

In reality, you are not an inconvenience. You are worthy to be here and live how you want to live and do what you want to do. You are a blessing to creation because you are a unique expression of the creator. You allow the creator to experience a unique path of remembering itself and experience new possibilities. You are worthy of love regardless of what you do or say or believe. You do not have to prove your worthiness by accomplishing anything. There is no superiority in this universe; no being is above another. No one’s needs are more or less important than another’s. And you are not the cause of other people’s unhappiness, anger, frustration or discomfort, just as other people are not the cause of your low-vibrational emotions and feelings.

You are here to simply enjoy life by doing what you want to do. If anyone has a negative reaction to you or what you are doing, that is their responsibility. It simply shows that there is something within them that they need to work on. For instance, they may have certain expectations of you, so if you don’t fulfil these expectations, they will get angry. But you are not the cause of their anger; they are angry because they have expectations. If they drop their expectations of you, they will no longer be angry.

You will never be able to please everyone. And the more people you try to please, the more you lose yourself. You end up not living your life for yourself at all. The more you search for love and acceptance from outside of yourself, the less likely you are to love and accept yourself. You are always unconditionally loved; by existence, by the divine, by me, by all the animals and plants, by mother earth, by the sun. But the unconditional love that your soul is searching for is not going to come from outside sources. Because even if someone or something shows you unconditional love in this world, when you are not with them, you will not feel loved. Then you will depend on those outside sources and you will desire for them to be around you all the time, but this desire is just your ego wanting to control others. You will have turned the unconditional love you received to something ugly. No, the love that you are really looking for must come from within. It must be self-love, because when you love yourself unconditionally, you will always feel loved regardless of any external situations.

However, in order to love yourself, you must first know yourself, your true self. And you get to know yourself through meditation. In meditation, you can completely detach from your ego and its thoughts to discover what has always been there; your divine, eternal nature. The more you do this, the more you recognise that you ARE love. With this realisation, you change your perspective from trying to seek love from outside of you to oozing and overflowing with love to whomever and whatever you encounter. This love that you share will not require any sort of effort from you as it is just who you truly are. You are just being your true, natural, loving self.

When you share more love with others, you will notice that the people around you will be more loving towards you. This is just a natural consequence. It is how the universe works. Your reality mirrors your vibration back to you. I encounter many people who wish others would stop making them feel like an inconvenience or like they are in the way, but these very same people also treat others in the same way. If you treat others like they are an inconvenience, others will treat you like you are an inconvenience. Instead of realising that they are basically doing this to themselves, people complain that the world is cruel. You can break this vicious cycle and turn all this around; but you must start by going within. Treat yourself how you wish to be treated, and then treat others how you wish to be treated. Only then will you find others treating you how you wish to be treated.

Please remember: you are worthy, you deserve love, you are loved, you ARE love, and you are needed by creation. But don’t just take my word for it; go within by meditating and you can know that all of this is true.

Thank you.

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