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You Do Not Exist

Updated: May 2, 2023

Who are you? Who are you? Who are you? Anything you put at the end of ‘I am’ is always going to be a false label. It is false because it will eventually change or cease to exist. And truth is always permanent and always the same. For example, if two plus two equals four, and then the next moment it changes it to two plus two equals five, then two plus two equals four is no longer true. It cannot be true. Was it ever true if it could just change like that? And if two ceases to exist or four ceases to exist, then it cannot be true. And the same is with all your labels. Your name, your age, your job, title, your religion, your race, your nationality, your body, your mind. All these things change and they eventually cease to exist.

And they are also labels that have been given to you by sources outside of you. So your name has been given to you by your parents. Your age is defined by a measurement of time that had nothing to do with you. Your job title is given to you by your employer. Your nationality is given to you by your government. If you say I am a father or I am a mother, both labels of father and mother require there to be a child, a son or daughter, that is outside of you in order for you to be a father or mother. If you did not have a son or daughter, you would no longer be a father or mother. These are all labels that other people have used to define you, and you have just accepted them as your truth. These are not labels that you have come to define yourself from your own investigations about who you are. Even your desires, your opinions, your beliefs, your emotions, they’ve all been conditioned into you. Even your personality has been created from your life experiences from this life and previous lives, as well as astrological factors.

Even the voice in your head is just imaginary. There is no real sound being made. You are just imagining what your thoughts would sound like if you said them out loud.

All these things create an illusion of an individual character, individual identity. All these things create an egg of disguises and you have placed yourself and confined yourself within that egg, separating yourself from the rest of existence.

But when you start to meditate, you start to peel off those layers of illusion. And the more you peel off, the more you realise that you do not actually exist. You do not exist. The individual you, the individual character, you do not exist. This is why people hate silence. This is why people can’t keep still. Because in stillness and silence you remember who you are. This is why people don’t meditate or they say that meditation isn’t for them. It’s because they fear to lose the ego identity that they’ve worked so hard to cultivate. It’s also why people hate being alone, because when you are alone, you have no one to compare yourself to, and the ego can only seem to exist when there are other egos to compare to. Effectively, the ego dies during meditation. It is slowly dying. And that is why during your spiritual awakening, you may feel that you are dying or that you will die soon. This is a very common feeling. And this is because you are peeling off the layers of who you thought you were.

And as you continue to meditate, eventually there comes a point where all the layers of illusion have been peeled off, and you melt into the whole. This is what enlightenment is. You realise you do not exist. And only God is, only the divine is. This is why you’ll never hear an enlightened person say ‘I am enlightened’ because ‘enlightened’ is still a label. And in order to be enlightened, the ‘I’ must’ve dropped. So the ‘I’ and the ‘enlightened’ will have dropped and you are left with ‘am’. Aum. And this ‘am’ or ‘om’ sound has been known to be the sound of God. This is no coincidence or accident.

Muslims have a mantra that they repeat all the time, which is ‘There is only one God’. Now, Islam has cleverly shifted the emphasis from the word ‘only’ to the word ‘one’ in order to keep muslims still oblivious to their divinity. So, “There’s only one God” ensures people are focusing on the fact that we have a God and our God is the only one and your God is wrong. But if you shift the emphasis back to the word ‘only’; “There is only one God”, i.e nothing else exists except this one God, when you shift that emphasis, you shift the meaning of the whole phrase, even though it’s the same words. Only God exists. Only the divine exists. There is only oneness.

And this oneness, this divine, is unexplainable by words. It is both everything, but also nothingness. It is space, but not empty. And, in truth, it is beyond all reason and all logic. You cannot understand it by the mind. And that is why no one can 100% convince you of God. No one can convince you of your divine nature. One can only help you discover it. And you discover it yourself by shutting out all the noise, all the distractions, and meditating. And in so doing, peeling off the layers of illusions. Thoughts, emotions, and energies will come and go, come and go. Just observe them, witness them without getting sucked in by them. And by and by eventually there comes a moment where no thoughts, no energies, come. And this is the point of remembrance. And this remembrance has been called enlightenment.

So, if you want to know who you really are, meditate, and you’ll soon realise that you do not actually exist and that only the divine is.

Thank you.

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