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You Were Born A Rebel

Updated: May 2, 2023

Greetings beloved sisters and brothers. Have you ever noticed how, from birth till death, we are given many different rules to follow from many different sources outside of us? Were we always meant to live our life according to other people’s rules? Have you ever really thought about it?

What you will notice whenever you’re given a rule to follow is an inner resistance within you. This resistance pushes you to do the exact opposite of the rule. So when someone gives you a rule that you should do something, or that you need to do something, you feel a resistance and you immediately don’t want to do that thing. And if you’re told not to do something, you’ll again feel an inner resistance and you will then immediately want to do it. It’s the same case with animals as well. Whenever you try and force animals to do something, they will immediately resist. If you’ve ever had a pet and you try to, for instance, force them to move somewhere, they will resist you. They don’t want you to control them in any way.

If you’ve ever played sports, you may have noticed that when there’s no official or referee or umpire, people are a lot more relaxed and they seem to miraculously come to joint conclusions and agreements about each decision during the game. However, when there is an official who is imposing rules for the game, there’s immediately resistance from the players or athletes, and even the spectators, for every decision the official makes, whether those decisions are right or wrong. You may have also noticed how a lot of people always go above the speed limit on the road. No matter what the speed limit is, whether that’s 30, 60, or 80 miles per hour, they’ll always go at least slightly above it. Why can’t people just stick to the speed limit or go below it?

The answer is because beings are not supposed to be confined, restricted or limited by rules. Following rules is not natural. This is because we are beings of love, unconditional love, and unconditional love and freedom are two sides of the same coin. So when anyone gives you rules to follow, you feel that the person is trying to take you away from your true nature. They are trying to get you to be someone you are not. Whenever you follow rules, no matter whether they’re good or bad, for your own good or not, no matter who is imposing the rules, you lose yourself. Our souls will always resist any restrictions on our freedom, and it is this resistance that makes us natural rebels. Our souls want to rebel in order to claim and reaffirm our freedom, our sovereignty, as divine beings. Being a rebel makes you feel alive. It makes you feel like yourself. You feel this amazing energy whenever you just do what you want to do regardless of what other people say.

This is why (you may be shocked to hear this) so-called criminals, sinners and rule-breakers are actually closer to their true nature than people who just simply go about life following rules all the time. These rule-breakers just do whatever they want to do, whatever brings them joy, regardless of what rules society tries to impose on them. You see, rules create dead, asleep, inauthentic people because the more you succumb to following rules, the more you move away from your true nature. And if everyone follows the same rules, they become copies of each other. You basically become a robot that follows a program. You are on autopilot. There’s no individuality or variety or uniqueness within you. Whenever you need to make any decision, instead of thinking for yourself about what you should do, or instead of following your heart, you simply follow what the rules tell you to do and your mind’s conditioning. In this way, your true nature becomes dormant. You no longer become responsible over your own life.

Freedom not only creates variety, not only individuality, not only uniqueness, but it creates enlightened, awake, alive people. Any truly enlightened being, whether it be Jesus, Buddha, Zarathustra, Mohammad, Osho; they were all rule-breakers. You cannot discover enlightenment unless you break rules because society’s rules are set up in a way to ensure you remain asleep and don’t discover enlightenment. If you find a spiritual “leader” who is in no way a rebel and has always followed society’s rules, including the rules of religions, then they cannot be enlightened. This is because rules halt spiritual growth. When you experience life for yourself, and you learn from your experiences, you then gain the wisdom that helps you increase your state of consciousness. However, if you just follow rules, you do not live life for yourself, and any knowledge you have will be borrowed; it will not be wisdom you have gained from your own experiences. Borrowed knowledge does not increase your state of consciousness; in fact, it actually stunts your spiritual journey because you stop your inner search as you think you have all the answers. By following rules, you take no responsibility for your life at all. Yes rules keep society civilized, but this civilization is not natural; it’s forced. People simply suppress what they want to do in order to preserve a “civilized” appearance.

Rules can never come from true, unconditional love, no matter how much someone tries to convince you that rules are for your own good and that they come from a loving place. This is because unconditional love and freedom are two sides of the same coin. If you unconditionally love someone, you allow them the freedom to be exactly who they want to be and do exactly what they want to do and live the life that they want to live. Rules can only be imposed by someone who wants power or authority over you, and so rules are always imposed by egos, never the divine.

This is why the ten commandments couldn’t have possibly come from the divine. No divine being would ever say, “Thou shall not do this” or “Thou shalt do that”. It’s just not possible. Rules cannot come from unconditional love. These ten commandments therefore did not come from a benevolent, divine being. And the same can be said for the story of Adam and Eve. They were supposedly told not to eat the fruit from a particular tree, but any authentic being will go against rules, and that’s exactly what Adam and Eve did. They were then supposedly punished by God. So the “God” of the story of Adam and Eve could not have been a benevolent, loving God.

Rules also suck the fun and beauty out of life. It creates such seriousness in life. For example, whenever you have a referee or an official imposing rules in a sport, suddenly the sport becomes so serious. Everyone takes it so seriously. As a result, it’s a lot less fun. However, when you’re just playing the sport casually without an official imposing rules, you start to really enjoy the sport. You start to play around with different techniques and skills rather than always playing according to the rules. You push the limits. You explore what’s possible outside of the boundaries. There’s a lot more fun to the game this way. There’s a lot more beauty to it. And the same is with life; it is meant to be a game, but you can notice that whenever you follow rules that are imposed on you, suddenly you become so serious. You cannot be joyful or happy when following rules. You were not born to follow rules. You were born free. Life is all about exploring variety, exploring the unknown, going beyond limits, and discovering new things. But if you keep within the rules at all times, then you don’t allow yourself to do any of those things. Creation needs curiosity. To create something, you need to be curious, but rules stifle curiosity. You are here to create, and creation is part of your nature as a divine being, so when you follow rules all the time, you never allow yourself to be creative.

When someone is following their heart and following their joy, they are aligned with the divine. They are one with existence. They are doing exactly what the divine wants them to do. Who then has the right to restrict or limit them, or to tell them they shouldn’t do what they want to do? This is just egos trying to control the divine. What ego has the right to tell the divine what to do? It is ridiculous when you think about it like this. If you try to impose rules on another being, you clearly are not seeing the divine within that person, and you are clearly oblivious to the divine within you.

Rule-followers love to condemn rule-breakers. Even if a rule-breaker doesn’t affect the rule-follower in any way, perhaps they are on opposite sides of the world, the rule-follower will still condemn the rule-breaker. This condemnation, this anger, towards rule-breakers comes from jealousy. When someone lives how they want to live regardless of any rules, they show others what is possible. They are examples to the rest of humanity of claiming your God-given right to total freedom. But most rule-followers will get jealous because they fear breaking the rules themselves. Because of their fear, they have moved so far away from their true nature, so when they see someone who has aligned to their true nature, they feel jealous. And this jealousy turns into anger, which the rule-followers then project onto the rule-breakers. They then want the rule-breakers to be punished because then that can justify the rule-followers to remain asleep and to continue following the rules.

But these very same rule-followers watch TV shows and movies, and read books, that are about rule-breakers. Have you noticed how all good TV shows, movies and books involve people breaking rules? Instead of living life how they want to, rule-followers watch other people live how they want to. Because they are not truly alive themselves, they want to experience feeling alive by living through rule-breakers on screens and in books. How boring would life be if we all just followed the rules?

All great spiritual leaders were rule-breakers; as a result, they were all condemned by society when they were alive. In fact, many of them were not just condemned but crucified, stoned, poisoned, imprisoned, tortured, killed and so on by rule-abiders and rule-enforcers. However, these very same spiritual leaders were then worshipped and praised by society after their death — why? It’s because when these people were alive, they were showing the example of how one can live through the heart, and this angered people. But when these spiritual leaders died, they could be hailed as unique and special, and that normal humans cannot be like them. Again, this is to justify rule-followers to continue to be asleep and dead from within because they believe they cannot be like these great spiritual leaders. The extent society goes through to remain lazy, asleep, ignorant, dead, inauthentic and irresponsible over their own lives is limitless.

When you are around people who are always living how they want to live, you can’t help but feel inspired around them. You feel alive around them. Their amazing energy is infectious. But no one can say that about those who always follow society’s rules. Their inner flames have dwindled so much that they are almost dead. You sometimes hear girls say that they love a bad boy. This is because they love the energy of rebels. It inspires them. It makes them feel more alive. Rebels will always trigger strong reactions in people, and so rebels always have lovers and haters. People who get inspired by rebels will love rebels. People who are jealous of rebels will hate rebels. But a true rebel does not live their life to intentionally create lovers or haters; this would just be another ego trip. Rebels live their life how they want to, and other people’s reactions are their responsibility. Your reaction to a rebel depends on whether you seize the opportunity given or not. If you get inspired by a rebel, you will have seized the great opportunity that the rebel has given you. If you become jealous of the rebel and hate them, you will have missed this great opportunity for your own spiritual growth.

When you live life following rules all the time, you will undoubtedly be filled with regret. In order to follow rules, you will have to repress your true nature and deny your soul from doing what it wants to do in this life. By following your mind rather than your heart, you will always think about what ifs. But those who always follow their heart and do exactly what they want to do can never experience regret. Even if they make “mistakes”, they know these mistakes were important for their soul growth, and so they do not regret making those mistakes. Rule-breakers only regret getting caught by authority figures; they don’t actually regret doing what they wanted to do. Rule-breakers will always tell you that if they had the chance, they would do it all again. Many people tried to impose rules on me during my childhood, whether that was my strict father, or my school teachers, or the Christian community I grew up in. But I was always a rebel and so I was a nightmare to all authority figures, particularly my father. My father and I had a chat one day when I was an adult, and he was clearly so full of regret in his life. His life was so boring because he had never followed his heart and always followed rules. He asked me if I ever regretted doing what I did as a child, and he was surprised when I told him I had absolutely no regrets. I always did what I wanted to do regardless of what others said, so what is there to regret?

Now, this is not to say that we shouldn’t share guidance or advice based on what we have learned from our own experiences. In fact, this ought to be encouraged. But when that guidance turns into rules, and when those rules become enforced or imposed, this is when a fundamental line is crossed. So giving advice and guidance is great, but we must then ultimately give each other the freedom to make our own decisions. Yes a person may do something that leads to a negative outcome, but that is ok. They will learn from that experience and will use those lessons learned to make wiser decisions in the future. Karma plays a vital role in a person’s learning throughout life as well. Total freedom is therefore the condition that is required if you want the state of consciousness of humanity to rise to a level where we are all making loving decisions. In this way, our society can become truly, naturally civilized without any force. Looking at it from this perspective, you can see how the real crime or sin or wrongdoing isn’t actually done by those breaking rules; it’s actually done by those imposing or enforcing them.

Being a rebel does not necessarily mean you look for as many rules to break as possible. That’s not really the point. Being a true rebel just means living your life how you want to, no matter what. A true rebel never intentionally sets out to be a rebel. They take no notice of rules, so how can they intentionally break rules? It is society that labels them as rebels. Society’s desire to control people is the cause of there being rule-breakers. Without rules, there would be no rebels, no criminals, no sinners, no rule-breakers. Religions and governments go on making and imposing more and more rules on society, and they create harsher punishments for those that do break the rules, all with the expectation of extinguishing rule-breaking behaviour. Yet the number of criminals and sinners and “bad” children continues to rise. Wow Santa’s job must get easier each year as a result of the increasing number of “bad” children. Why is this? It’s because the more you try to restrict people, the more resistance there will be. We, as a society, have tried imposing rules for centuries and it doesn’t work. Why not try complete freedom? When people are completely free, yes there will be chaos at first, but then natural order will come out of this chaos. As people explore doing what they want to do, they will learn important life lessons really quickly. The state of consciousness of humanity will rise exponentially. And when people learn lessons from their experience, they do not need to be taught these lessons again and again as the wisdom has become part of their being. Whereas when you follow rules, you will need to be told the rules again and again, and these rules will not become part of your being; they will only become programs within your mind.

However, rules make it easier to control and predict people. And this makes the job of authority figures a lot lot easier. But anyone who enforces rules on you is not your friend. They’re not your friend because they are trying to have power over you. Only egotists end up in authority figure roles. People who are their authentic true selves do not want power over anyone because they will be enjoying life so much. It is only those who do not love life that want to be authority figures because their egos strive to get enjoyment from power. So whenever you follow the rules given to you by an authority figure, you are surrendering your divine power to someone’s mere ego. You are basically declaring that you trust the authority figure over the Creator. And you willingly become that person’s servant. It doesn’t matter whether those rules are good or bad, whether these rules are for safety or convenience or protection, the point is you should be allowed to live as freely as possible and do what you are being guided to do without any sort of restrictions or limitations on you.

Even though freedom is in our DNA, how have the majority of people become slaves to society’s rules? This is due to a very clever trick used by authority figures. Authority figures make it seem as if rules are there for your own good and for the good of everyone else. They may first scare you by making you imagine a very negative possible situation that may occur to you in the future, and then they create a rule that they say will protect you from that situation. And when you are in fear, you diminish your connection with the Divine and so you do not think rationally, and you end up willingly follow those imposed rules. This blind obedience has come at a cost; essentially, you have paid the price of your soul.

Increasing numbers of higher-density beings have been incarnating on this planet, and this has coincided with the number of “mental disorders” diagnosed within children. Because these children are less likely to blindly follow authority figures, they are told by doctors that they have ADHD or some other mental illness, and they are then given medication to stifle their rebelliousness so that they can fit in with the rest of society. This is so barbaric but authority figures will go to great lengths to be able to continue having power over others. The problem is not with the children; the problem is the lack of freedom they are given.

You may start to wonder why the Creator wants to experience life on a planet where there’s restrictions and limitations. This is because life is a journey of remembering. The Divine forgets who it is and pretends to be different characters, and through each soul journey, every individualised aspect of the creator (every soul) remembers more and more of who it really is. So, situations where there are limitations and restrictions allow each soul to remember and claim the divine quality of sovereignty. Similarly, souls experience situations where other people treat them unlovingly in order to awaken to their divine quality of unconditional love and forgiveness. Souls may experience poverty in order to awaken to their divine quality of abundance.

This is such an important topic right now because we are in a time where more and more rules are being imposed on us by society, and this is a real test for us all. Do you claim your sovereignty and freedom, or do you willingly accept being a slave? Do you live your life how you want to live it, or do you live your life according to how society wants you to live? Do you follow love and joy, or do you follow fear? Do you choose to be alive or do you choose to be a dead robot? How we respond to these tests will determine whether we qualify for ascension. You’ve heard the phrase, “It’s better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all”. This is a lovely phrase and I would extend that to: Isn’t it better to have lived and been punished than to have not lived at all?

Thank you.

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