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Monthly Group Video Calls

I hosted a monthly group video call every month which were about an hour long and had the following structure:

 1) I discuss a particular useful topic

2) A group Q&A where I answer any questions attendees may have about anything

3) A short meditation

Archive Of Previous Group Calls

January 2024 - Life Is A Hall Of Mirrors

March 2024 - Where Is The Love?

February 2024 - You Are Reborn Every Second

April 2024 - Turning Any Situation Into An Energy Boost


June 2023 - Simplifying Spiritual Growth

July 2023 - The Secrets Of Manifesting

August 2023 - How To Enjoy Life

September 2023 - The Cosmic War Within You

November 2023 - Ego Joy vs Soul Joy

December 2023 - Humanity's Interconnected Web

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