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Left unhindered and unimpeded, your body's natural state is complete health. In this state, your life force energy is able to move freely around your whole body with no issues. However, if something blocks or gets in the way of the proper flow of life force energy within you, you may experience health symptoms such as:

  • Physical pain or ailments

  • Disease or illness

  • Constantly feeling lethargic or energetically drained

  • Depression

  • Regularly experiencing negative thoughts

  • Very low or extremely high sex drive

  • Digestion problems

  • Sleep issues

  • Feeling a lack of drive or motivation for life

  • Experiencing constant fear and anxiety

  • Feeling like you cannot express yourself well

life force energy

Different things may interfere with the proper flow of life force energy within your body, the most common of which are blockages caused by suppressed negative emotions, such as fear, anger or guilt, as well as negative beliefs. The aim of alternative healing is to help restore the proper flow of life force energy within your body so that it heals itself. As a result of experiencing energy healing, people have reported the following benefits:

  • Feeling lighter, less dense, more centred, more balanced, and happier

  • Elimination of physical symptoms

  • Feeling a new sense of motivation and lease for life

  • Releasing of suppressed emotions

  • Total forgiveness and detachment

  • Overcoming trauma and being able to return back to their normal self

  • Feeling more connected with everything and everyone

  • Feeling like a huge weight has been lifted

  • Experiencing themselves as the Divine

  • Huge reductions in anxiety and fear

  • Returning back to normal sleep patterns


Anyone can heal themselves. By taking our Online Self-Healing courses, you will be able to completely heal yourself as we guide you to unblock, activate and balance all your chakras (energy centres). We also offer different types of personal healing sessions where our practitioners use their special expertise to help you heal. While it may be tempting to just book personal healing sessions so you don't have to do any of the work yourself, any healing experienced as a result of the healing sessions will only be temporary unless also accompanied by healing work you do on yourself. When you heal yourself, not only is there the added benefit of the healing being permanent, but it is also extremely empowering, and you gain wisdom from healing yourself, which allows you to help others heal more easily and effectively. 

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Online Self-Healing Courses

Personal Healing Sessions

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