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Raising Your Vibration

This wouldn’t really be the High Vibe Livin’ channel if I didn’t spend some time talking about raising your vibration. I’m sure you have heard many people advise you to raise your vibration, but what does this actually mean? What are the benefits of raising your vibration? And how do you raise your vibration?

The first thing to understand is that everything in the universe is energy, including you. You are consciousness, the highest frequency in the universe, that is manifested as a being of love and light, which is a lower frequency than your consciousness. With light, the One Infinite Consciousness can create different beings and play around with them. Without light, there would be no creation, but just pure infinite unmanifested potential. Each soul goes through its evolution, starting as a first dimensional being, and gradually rising in dimensions the more it learns about itself through experience. The dimension, the level of consciousness, of a being represents the vibration or frequency of that being. The higher the dimension, the higher the vibration of that being, and the closer they are to returning back to source (the highest frequency of the universe). In this way, the dimension you vibrate at is directly related to your spiritual growth. The more you spiritually develop, the higher the dimension of your consciousness, and so the higher your vibration.

Humanity is now graduating to fourth density. Density is the vibration of our external environment. You can think of our level of consciousness as our qualifications, and the density of existence around us is the school year. To qualify for fourth density, we must first raise our internal vibration (our state of consciousness) to at least the fourth dimension. The fourth density is the density of love, and so anything that helps you feel love, either for yourself, for others, for life, for the present moment, or for the Creator is something that is raising your vibration to the fourth dimension. Fifth density is the density of wisdom, and so anything that helps you remember important spiritual wisdom is something that raises your vibration to the fifth dimension. The higher your vibration and state of consciousness, the more full of love, joy, peace, bliss, and wisdom you are, and the more empowered you are.

However, your vibration does not consist of just one frequency that you emit. You are constantly emitting various different frequencies all the time. You have four main bodies that are constantly emitting frequencies — they are the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. All the frequencies emitted by these bodies combine to form your aura, which is your unique overall vibration; your energetic signature if you will. Each of these bodies are interconnected and affect each other, however, the strongest connections are the ones that trickle down as the per the following; the spiritual body impacting the mental body, the mental body impacting the emotional body, and the emotional body impacting the physical body.

Here is a summary of what energies are emitted by each body, and how they impact each other:

  1. The Spiritual Body — The spiritual body signifies your connection to source, to all that is. Ultimately, it is your connection to the Divine, which cannot ever be terminated, but it can be dimmed. The more connected you feel to anything or anyone, the higher the frequencies emitted by your spiritual body. The more separate you feel to the world around you, the lower the frequencies emitted by your spiritual body. So, ultimately, the frequencies emitted by your spiritual body depend on your belief in separation and the extent to which you allow yourself to unconditionally love others. If you feel separate from others, from the world, from God, or from your reality, or if you do not experience unconditional love in your life, then your spiritual body will vibrate at a low frequency.

  2. The Mental Body — The mental body consists of all your thoughts. Having more positive thoughts, such as thoughts of optimism or gratitude, will raise the frequency of energy emitted by your mental body. Having more negative thoughts, such as thoughts about worst case scenarios, will lower the frequency of energy emitted by your mental body. As we have explained throughout our spiritual awakening course, your thoughts are based on your beliefs, and so you can see why the spiritual body strongly impacts the mental body.

  3. The Emotional Body — Your emotions are your emotional body’s energetic responses to your thoughts. Negative thoughts will trigger negative emotions, such as fear and anger, and so the vibration of your emotional body will be lowered. However, positive thoughts will trigger positive emotions, such as joy and bliss, and so the vibration of your emotional body will rise as a result.

  4. The Physical Body — Your thoughts and emotions greatly impact your physical body. The more negative your thoughts and emotions, the weaker your immune system will be, which will lead to you experiencing ill-health, and so the vibration of your physical body will be lowered. The more positive thoughts and emotions you have, the stronger your immune systems will be, the healthier you will be, and so the higher the vibration of your physical body.

The energy used by all these bodies to create different frequencies is our divine chi, or life force energy. These four bodies are highly connected with all of our chakras, but these connections are outside of the scope of this blog. The aim is to ensure that we allow this divine chi to be used in all four bodies with as little distortion as possible. The less distorted our life force energy is, the higher the frequency of energy emitted by our four bodies. But, the more we distort this chi, the more we lower the frequency of our bodies. To raise your overall vibration, you must make efforts to raise the frequencies emitted by all four of your bodies. The following techniques are the best ways to raise your vibration, as they work on multiple bodies at the same time:

  • Spiritually Grow — Life is a school, and it is constantly trying to teach you so that you can raise the level of your consciousness. By reflecting on your life experiences and listening to your inner guidance, you can learn important spiritual lessons. These spiritual lessons will allow you to remember more of who you truly are. When you view life as a school like this, you fall in love with life, and you find yourself being a lot more present.

  • Meditation — There are many benefits to meditation, all which help raise your vibration. Meditation is anything that relaxes you and helps you explore your true self more. Meditation is most commonly performed in order to detach from negative thoughts, release suppressed negative emotions, balance chakras, use affirmations to change negative beliefs to positive ones, be more present, receive higher guidance, and/or to tune in to the high frequency energies bombarding us at the moment in order to help us with our ascension.

  • Always Follow Your Heart — The Divine is always guiding you through the feeling of joy in your heart. By following your joy, you align with the Divine’s will. When you live from the heart, you are always vibrating at the high frequency of joy. It is all about living life based on what feels right and what feels good, instead of living life based on what others tell you you should be doing.

  • Conscious Breathing — Taking long, slow, deep conscious breaths allows you to remain in a relaxed, peaceful state throughout your day. You cannot be angry or annoyed or fearful if you are consciously breathing like this. When you focus on your breathing, you are brought more into the present moment, where true happiness lies. It is the simplest way to raise your vibration at any time.

  • Laughing — When you laugh, you vibrate at the frequency of joy, you connect with the other people who are laughing with you, and you are fully immersed in the present moment. To laugh more, just don’t take life so seriously and allow yourself to just be silly.

  • Surround Yourself With Those You Love — When you are with those you truly love, whether people or pets, you are more relaxed and more joyful. If there are certain people you feel great around, and who accept you for who you truly are, then try to spend more time with them.

  • Spend Time In Nature — If you are cooped up in an office or house all day, with all those wi-fi and radio waves, you will find it very hard to be in a high vibration. The more you leave your electronics, which overwork your mind, and get out in nature, the better you will feel. You could go to the beach and feel the sand on your feet, enjoy the gentle breeze across your skin, listen to the waves crashing onto the shore, and take a dip in the sea. Or perhaps you could go to a park and feel the blades of grass on your feet, enjoy the smell of the freshly cut grass, and listen to the birds singing. You can enjoy the warm rays of the sun, look at the wonderful colours of nature, sit by a tree, and enjoy the sounds of a flowing river. You could go to a farm and spend some time with the animals there. There are wonderful miracles happening in nature every day; if only we looked away from our electronics to see them.

  • Random acts of love — Showing love to others always feels good. It allows you to feel love for yourself and others. When you make it your priority to grasp any opportunity you can to show love to others throughout your day, it will be impossible for you to vibrate at a low frequency.

  • Exercise — Doing any exercise that you enjoy will relax you and fill you with joy.

  • Enjoy Art — All forms of art, whether that is music, movies, paintings, literature, architecture, or dancing, are all ways that one can express their love. So, whether you create the art or appreciate someone else’s, you allow yourself to raise your frequency to the frequency of love.

  • Be Conscious Of What You Put Into Your Body— Anything you put into your body has a vibration, which affects the vibration of your physical body. Chemicals, toxins, meat, processed food, alcohol, drugs (pharmaceutical or recreational), and sugar are all low vibrations. However, natural products, organic food, filtered alkaline water, and essential oils all have high vibrations. You can also use an air purifier to raise the vibration of the air you inhale.

  • Manifest Your Dreams — By visualising the reality you want to experience as if it is happening now, you allow yourself to feel the joy of experiencing your desires. You experience the joy of living in that reality regardless of whether it manifests in the physical world or not. However, if it does manifest, this is an added bonus. This is what it means when people say “Anything you ever want can be found within you” — your imagination is the tool.

  • Use Crystals — Crystals are great amplifiers of energy. Different crystals amplify different types of high frequency energies. By keeping crystals close to you, you ensure that more high frequency energies are surrounding you, and by tuning in to these energies, you will anchor and integrate them into your being.

  • Use The Violet Flame — The violet ray, or violet flame, is a tool given to us to help us with our ascension. Essentially, it is the highest frequency within visible light. It is overseen by Saint Germain. When invoked, the violet flame can help you transmute any negative low frequency energies within any of your bodies into positive high frequency energies, such as love and acceptance. Whenever you feel yourself experiencing any low vibrations, use the following decree “I invoke the violet flame to transmute all negative energies within my being to positive energies.” Then visualise yourself being engulfed by a warm, soothing violet flame until the negative energies have been transformed.

  • Anything Else That You Enjoy — Essentially, anything that helps you feel good is something that raises your vibration. Everyone is different and so there may be many different things not on this list that you enjoy. Perhaps you enjoy taking baths, or getting a massage, or cleaning your house, or playing laser tag, or lying in a hammock. Whatever it is, do more of it if you wish to raise your vibration.

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